Should English be the official language of the Internet?

Asked by: anthonylin
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  • Go, English, Go!

    I believe it would be to my benefit if the Internet was mandated to only be present in the English language. At that point I could expect to find English speakers all across the world and easily! However, I do not think this would be a fair thing for many people who use the Internet and I believe it is actually a fairly bad idea.

  • The English language should undoubtably be the official lange of the internet.

    It's already the universal (highly spoken, and #1 taught language in the world) language. It might as well be the official language of the internet, especially because the internet was raised in an English speaking environment. It shouldn't be mandatory for everyone using the internet to speak language, but I do believe it should be considered an official thing.

  • Advantages of English

    There are only 26 uppercase, 26 lowercase, 10 numbers, and several symbols. There are no accent marks except on loanwords, and even then they are optional. All computers and servers can process the Latin script that English uses.

    Engligh words are very consice compared to Spanish, German, and especially Japanese.
    English: We need some pens for math class.
    Español: (Nosotros) necesitamos unos bolígrafos para la clase de matemáticas.

    You can clearly see which takes up less bandwidth.

    Engligh has very minimal conjugation. Gender specific words are usually optional, there is a neutral gender for objects, and the word "you" can be applied to any person.

    For comparison, Spanish has at least 10 ways of saying "You" (Tú, Ud., Vosotros, Uds., Te, Le, Lo, La, Se, Os, As, Vos can all mean "You" in different situations.) It has to do with class distinctions, region, plural, and position in the sentence, which must be memorised.

    Also, the Internet was invented by the US military, and the modern Web by a British man. It is only fitting to use English. Sheet music, on the other hand, is an Italian invention, so Italian is the language of sheet music.

  • No Official Languages

    This is why we have translation services available online. What we need to focus on is making those services more accurate. Forcing other people to 'only use English' makes for boring interactions on the global stage. At the rate that we are losing unique languages on a yearly basis, I would want to slow down that loss by not forcing people to not use their native tongue online. Plus, that is a limitation of free speech.

  • Internet is a global resource

    Countries with english as the primary language may think it is appropiate. However, internet is not just used by only such countries. Besides, we have developed the technology to translate what ever we find on the internet withresources like google and translate and language apps. Are we incapable of implementing that into our web browsers instead of constraing it with the assumption that english is a universal language?

  • No, it shouldn't.

    The internet isn't something that's, like a country or any other organisation, governed by a central authority. Having an "official language" thus, is I believe out of the question. Although English certainly can be considered as the de-facto official language of the internet, considering the number of web pages with their content in the language, and considering the fact that most programming languages that were used in building the internet were / are also, at least at some level, influenced by the English language.

  • There shouldn't be an official language of the internet

    If english becomes an official language of the internet, then what will happen to all of the other unique languages in the world? Other languages will be washed away, draining cultural value, and diversity of our world.

    If english was the official language of the internet, everybody else would need to learn english just to look up a simple question on the internet.

    Overall, it is clear that having an official language of any sort would be a bad idea.

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