Should English be the only official language in the USA?

  • I vote yes

    I am an immigrant from South America and can speak English and Spanish fluently. I moved to the USA in 1999 and have lived here for 14 years. I went to school here, I know more about American history than I do of where I came from and I am proud to say that I am an American because I feel like this is where I belong and this is my country. This is why I feel strongly about this because I worked really hard to learn English and went I took my drivers test I chose to have it in English. I find it to be ludicrous that you can take in different languages. Why? Everything on the road is in English.

  • No, we can handle multiple languages.

    No, English should not be the only official language in the USA, because we could communicate more effectively if there were two official languages. Canada manages with two languages. There are many people in the US who speak Spanish, and it would be helpful to those people to be able to communicate with their government.

  • We are the melting pot

    America has never had an official language, nor has it ever had an official religion, et cetera. The population of the United States is composed of people of nearly all ethnicities and backgrounds, and it would be very unfair to those people to say that their language isn't as important as ours.

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