Should English(Class) Teachers that cant pronounce a word correctly be allowed to continue to teach Students?

Asked by: Yaohuijiang
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  • It's fairly obvious

    Being unable to pronounce a word is a ridiculous reason to not allow someone to teach English. Should an English teacher not be hired if they can't pronounce pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Or Cwtch? Clearly not, that would be laughable.

    Though I did in 7th grade have a teacher who pronounced ubiquitous as "Ooh-ba-kwee-shiss" and that was fairly hilarious. Still a good teacher though.

  • English Teachers that can't pronounce English correctly?

    Everyone should have been taught how to pronounce words correctly based on the vowel in elementary school, as so how can a teacher that pronounces idea as Idaa and forward as fooward be allowed to continue to teach students in High school? As English is a High school class. He/She should be aware of the correct pronunciation based on the vowel within the word, if not I think that teacher should return to Elementary School because that District/County clearly made a mistake when hiring that person.

  • Bad ingles yes

    Ach toisc cant múinteoir labhairt maith english does not chiallaíonn siad a mhúineadh cant ach ina ionad sin ba chóir iad a mhúineadh ach math a bhfuil cad iad na daoine nach enlgish maith ag. Mar sin i gcrích is gá iad a fhoghlaim english le cloch Rosetta in ionad na múinteoirí yes

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