• Assignments are confusing and difficult.

    My English teacher assigns useless assignments every day. They overly ruin me, They are boring and confusing. I don't and am not able to understand them. English is my least favorite subject, And I am heavily interested in other stuff I like. These include science, Mathematics, Engineering, Music and video production and stuff of my choice.

  • English is racist

    English is racist. It must be abolished and replaced with community-based languages.

    The roots of white supremacy must be destroyed and we cannot look at civilian casualties. When we say abolition we must mean it. By passing anti-white and anti-eurocentric laws we can clearly dismantle the evils of white supremacy once and for all and it starts with a language itself

  • Kinda Need It

    If English speaking countries require schools to teach other languages, They should be required to teach English. You can't expect a kid to learn other languages if they don't even know their first language.

    If you want to be ready for the World, Then teach me stuff I need to know. Don't just expect me to figure me it out. If I'm gonna go out into the real World, A knowledge of grammar and spelling in my own language without having to use the internet or a dictionary would be nice.

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