Should entertainers make changes to programming after the Newtown shootings?

  • A Violence-Added Tax on Hollywood

    For those in Hollywood who are proponents of redistributed wealth for the betterment of society, how about a different type of VAT on both the purveyors and consumers of violent media to help fund the mental health care system?

    We put heavy tax on tobacco to discourage use, we can do the same for gratuitous violence.

    Just last month in Cook County (Chicago), they passed a "Violence Tax" on gun sales to defray uninsured hospital costs.

    And we can cut through the dodge of pitting one scientific study against another with a simple question: Would advertisers pour billions into popular media if it had no impact on behavior?

    If the costs to society of obesity, diabetes, etc. is the premise of those who want to regulate and control what is fed to bodies then, for the exact same reason, what is fed to minds -- particularly the young who are the most vulnerable -- is on the table.

    Balanced. Consistent.

    We get how appealing to prurient interests as the path of least resistance to big box office is part of the free market of ideas.

    In terms of personal responsibility, however, we are now getting one example after another of how those who control our Entertainment Culture are struggling to slide out of the hypocritical trap they have placed themselves in.

    Michael E. Douroux

  • Yes, the the entertainment world should make a paradigm shift.

    Yes, the entertainment world should make a paradigm shift. It is true that the young are extraordinarily absorbed by the entertainment world. They are totally drawn by the themes of the entertainment products namely the films and music. They are very easily convinced when they are communicated via these products. So shifting the entertainment paradigm is changing the young.

  • Entertainers can't save psychos

    Entertainers are not at fault for the psychopathic behavior of the shooter at Newtown. Perhaps violent video games should be questioned more so than performers. As a musician, the last thing I would want to happen to me is to be restricted of expressing myself in my music. Musicians and entertainers are not at fault for the heinous fantasies of psychopaths.

  • Change nothing

    Free men die and so do women and children. While such tragic events are heart breaking they do not require a change in laws especially laws which restrict freedoms. Entertainers are protected by the first amendment and should remain so. Even if the lyrics encourage shooters and appear to tear apart the moral fabric.

  • No, entertainers should not make changes after Newtown shootings

    Parents are responsible for what programming their children are watching. If a parent believes that what the child watches is inappropriate, then change the channel. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our freedom because of a tragedy happened. If we censor what is being broadcasted, then we give the shooter power over our lives.

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