• Yes, they should

    I think anything that helps the environment is good for the world. If we do our best to reduce these kinds of chemicals, maybe they will reduce behavior problems. I am not saying that they are the cause of of these sorts of issues,but they can play into the effects of many different things.

  • Yes, they should be.

    I'm not sure whether environmental chemicals are responsible for behavioral issues, but even if they aren't, it is important to reduce these. This would correct a lot of known and potential problems, and there is absolutely no harm in taking these steps. So yes, it should absolutely be reduced as soon as possible.

  • That's a load of junk science.

    This question is an example of belief in junk science at its most egregious. There is no proof whatsoever that environmental chemicals are connected to behavioral problems. Most behavioral problems are the result of poor planning, or uncontrollable mental illness. We need to stop blaming non-specific "chemicals" for all of our problems.

  • It's not the problem.

    No, environmental chemicals should not be reduced to reduce behavior problems, because there is no evidence that environmental chemicals are linked to behavior problems. If anything, the doctors are awfully quick to throw drugs at anyone who has a behavior problems, such as ritalin. Parenting or the lack of it is the real problem.

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