• Equal or nothing

    ). Yes, Laws should be strengthen for equal pay equal work. There was significant variance in the extent to which women saw their gender as relevant to them as they pursued their careers. . There were many women who took up a place between these poles, Seeing their gender as somewhat relevant some of the time. Others could be seen as moving along the spectrum, Often stimulated by a change in life or job circumstances, Or in response to aging.

  • Are u dumb?

    Imagine you're a woman and your best friend (a male) attend College together and get the exact same degree with the exact same qualifications once you go out into the workforce you find that he is been offered up to 50 percent more than you. Why is that fair? If u think it is u are either a stuck up male or a fucking idiot. A person's ability to work does not depend on the junk between their legs.

  • When people need to earn more

    Yes, when people's need is not satisfied by their current earning. People think to work more when they need more income. This is why equal pay for equal work law needs to be strengthened, so that people can have a satisfactory life. On the other hand working harder is the only option for people who are in serious financial need.

  • You can't force it.

    No, equal pay for equal work laws should not be strengthened, because women often take time off of work for children. If the man continues to work, they should not be limited in their career because a woman has to receive equal pay. Also, there will always be some sexists in the work place. You cannot force it.

  • Let Market Determine Wages

    Laws will do nothing to prevent discrimination. It is nearly impossible to prove, and frankly, probably doesn't happen as often as we may believe. As women continue to attend higher education at increasing rates, then their skills will continue to be in demand by employers. If employers wish to retain highly-skilled employees, to include women, they will not be able to get away with wage discrimination.

  • No, equal work equal pay laws should not be strengthened.

    I do not think that equal pay for equal work laws should be strengthened. I think that the current laws and policies are fair enough as they are. I do not think that the issue is something that needs any more attention. I think the issue is being trumpeted by politics and the media with a bias.

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