• Yes.

    Rob Parker deserved to be let go (although, as someone below pointed out it wasn't so much a firing as it was just a decision to not renew a contract). His racially driven comments toward Robert Griffin III were just the latest in a string of continuous slurs and stupidity and he was unneeded.

  • Absolutely

    He wasn't really fired, just not renewed. Same concept though, he wasn't brought back because of idiotic racial comments about RG3 not "acting black enough" for his tastes which is the kind of garbage we don't need on the air. He won't be missed and I wouldn't expect him to pop up anywhere relevant.

  • Parker Deserved To Be Fired

    Rob Parker's comments about the Washington Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin were inappropriate and uncalled for. He had no reason saying that on TV and it was very offensive. What he did was very unprofessional and something like that should not be said on TV. I have no sympathy for Parker and he deserved to be terminated.

  • No, we are too politically correct

    He is a sports columnist, his job is to create discussion, and be controversial. He did just that. We as a society are so happy to jump on people for making what could be considered politically incorrect comments that we come off a judgmental. ESPN had the right to do what they did, but it doesnt mean they are right, they fired him for doing his job.

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