• Yes They Should Have

    Ray Lewis was a good hire for ESPN. He is articulate and knows a lot about the game. He is also very accomplished and will be able to speak on his experiences while playing the game when on set. Lewis will do a good job and I see him being an asset at ESPN.

  • Respect the verdict.

    Despite what people may feel about Ray Lewis' past, we have to have respect for the verdicts passed down by the court. What good are not guilty convictions if we still treat people as if they are guilty. Ray Lewis' past might bring up some questions of his moral character, which I'm sure ESPN thought about, but overall the man knows about the sport of football and was obviously seen as a good investment in their eyes.

  • He is very knowledgeable about sports.

    Yes, ESPN did the right thing by hiring Ray Lewis. Ray is knowledgeable about football and is a charismatic personality. This is exactly the kind of talent that ESPN wants. His past transgressions leave a lot of questions, and may turn off a lot of viewers, but the fact remains that he was cleared in the eyes of the court system and is entitled to seek employment wherever he can.

  • Yes, he is good at his job.

    While one could make quite the argument about Ray Lewis' faults as a person and a human being, I don't think anyone would say that he is not well-versed in football. He is one of the smartest players who ever played the game, which would make him a great analyst.

  • Should not have hired Ray Lewis

    I think that Ray Lewis is a bad example for young people and was almost a convicted criminal for murder, so it was not a good idea for ESPN to hire him to be an NFL analyst. There are many other highly qualifited NFL retirees and legends that ESPN could have gone with instead.

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