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  • He Was Ignorant

    Rob Parker was fired for calling Robert Griffen III a "cornball brother" because he presumably had a white fiancé and voted republican. This very notion is insulting to presume that every African American has to think, marry, and vote a certain way, or else they are not considered "truly" black. ESPN was well within its rights to mot support that viewpoint on its airwaves.

  • There will be another

    ESPN has somebody make a wildly stupid and openly racist comment on their network every few years, no need to hold onto this one. They would have fired him if they didn't have this easy out to get rid of him, they were as tired of his nonsense as the people changing the channel.

  • No way!

    There is no excuse for Rob Parker making racist comments towards any athlete! If I were to make any comment concerning someone's race at my job, I would be fired on the spot. In my opinion, he should have been fired for making the remarks concerning Robert Griffin III! It is ridiculous for anyone to make racist comments concerning anyone after all the progress we had made in society!

  • Absolutely not.

    Rob Parker has time and time again made disparaging and pseudo racist comments during his period with ESPN and that type of behavior is not to be commended with an extension on his contract. His most recent comments about Robert Griffin III were horrendous and just the latest example of why he needed to be gone.

  • Rob Parker Needed To Go

    ESPN should not have renewed Rob Parker's contract. What he said about Washington Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin was inappropriate and uncalled for. There is no way to justify what Rib Parker said. He deserved to be fired and I for one do not feel sorry for him. He needed to be let go.

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