Should establishments like SeaWorld be closed down?

Asked by: hannahd91
  • It's abduction and abuse!

    There are so many reasons for saying yes to this argument. Establishments such as SeaWorld mercilessly remove orcas from the wild, often by tearing them from their families while they are still young and transporting them hundreds of miles, only to place them in swimming pool-sized tanks where there is barely enough space to move. These captive orcas are then made to perform for human enjoyment, are torn from their mothers and sold on, and are dangerously placed in rival communities with different subspecies. In the wild, whereas whales will live 80 years on average, in captivity they will live just 9.

  • Close down Sea World

    I'd much rather not sea an orca in the wild and know they have a happy life than go to these ABUSEment parks and watch them living in horrible conditions. You wouldn't want your child to be put in a cage for other peoples' amusement, would you?

    Sea World treats its animals inhumanely and wrongly. It disgusts me that people go to see these "animal-cruelty-free' places, and pay money to watch these formerly intelligent animals being humiliated by humans.

    Close down Sea World, and the world as we know it will become a better place than it is now. Orcas in the wild don't attack people. I+Orcas in captivity frequently attack them. The statistics are there. It is only ignorant that remains.

  • Not fair for animals.

    The intelligent marine animals that Seaworld holds captive do not benefit from captivity, it only benefits humans who wish to use them for entertainment purposes. I do not think you can argue that there is educational purposes because I believe seeing the animals itself has little to no education purpose without seeing the real environment they live and seeing them interact with this natural environment. Also things such as the collapsed dorsal fin also makes them not like the typical orca in the wild.

  • A theme park is no place for an Orca.

    It is not possible to keep an Orca contained in captivity and keep them healthy, it's not yet even possible to hold some types of sharks, much less Orcas. I do not suggest letting all captive Orcas free, but many sanctuaries (including a sea pen in Iceland) have offered to let their Orcas retire in a natural environment. There's no amount of space we can give them in any man-made container that would be suitable for what they need, and no amount of chemicals in their water or vitamins injected in their food to make up for the real thing. These highly social creatures are also denied much needed interaction with their own kind, and often separated from their young which is unnatural for them and causes extreme distress. SeaWorld artificially inseminates their Orcas despite what the quality of life they will be subjected to, and to me this is as irresponsible as owning a pet you can't house or having a child you can't support. They simply can not give them what they need, and no amount of entertainment is worth that. Now is it worth the public experiencing their presence and learning about them? Again I say no, because if they were really educated on what an Orca needs to live and be emotionally sound, they would not want this for them. There is nothing to learn about Orcas from watching them do tricks to a sound track.

  • Sadly, I don't really think its much use

    I want to be fair here, I love what sea world offers and I don't think they should forcibly be closed down, but at the same time, I do not believe what they do in particular is a "good" thing. The services they provide are on the base of things a Circus, and while Circuses are entertaining, everyone knows the torment animals can endure, and the conditions they're commonly expected to deal with. We know it's not as optimal as it could be.

    I am OK with Zoo's and aquariums as often these animals are taken care of in an environment that at least attempts to simulate habitats and typical schedules for the captive animals, while simultaneously allowing us as humans, young and old to see nature in ways we could not normally.

    Aquariums are much better equipped to deal with these animals' needs and I feel despite Shamu's cool tricks and the other neat parts of Sea World's live shows' showcase of marine life, they should focus on becoming a theme park/aquarium rather than a water circus/theme park or just a theme park. We should respect these animals as if they were human beings as best able, not exploit them. We can still derive enjoyment without the tricks I think,

  • Why do we need to hold these creatures captive?

    Studies have shown that the mammalian populace in the wild can be very intelligent, even with their own 'language' of echolocation. There is really no need to see whales in these places, where they do not have room to swim around and do day to day normal things. They start to develop behaviors, even committing suicide and self harm.

  • It should be closed

    Because of the torture of innocent Orcas (Killer Whales). The documentary Blackfish did much to shine light on the subject, and thanks to this film, many people are now seeing what atrocities are being committed at Sea World Park. Thank you for reading this and now I am done yeah.

  • Known for animal abuse

    Seaworld keeps orcas in small structures, to scale it would be like living in a bathtub, they are forced to perform for us and usually don't live as long as they do in the wild, it doesn't matter if you thing it's "fun", it's a game to you, a life for the whales.

  • Shut down Sea World

    Sea World treats its animals inhumanely for the purpose of making money. Instead of having a decent life in the wild, these animals are forced to perform tricks to please humans.

    They are intelligent mammals that deserve a life of freedom and safety, not captivity and constant agony. You wouldn't imprison children your child in a cage for people to gawk at, would you?

    Sea World is a disgrace to society, and needs to be shut down as soon as possible.

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  • Do you want to see one?

    Odds are, if you are on the "yes" side, you may say that you only want to see them in the wild. Thing is, if we close down places like SeaWorld, you may never see them or they could die out. SeaWorld alone gets about 3-3.5 million visitors every year. If they, and other places that have captive sea life were shut down, the public would have only two options. Either never see one or go to where they are. In the past, very few people actually bothered with whale watching. With few watchers, not much change is made to their environment. If millions of people want to see them in the wild each year, they could become crowded and move away from their normal areas. This change could jeopardize their existence. They could be basically pushed off their food source by tourists who want to see them in the wild. Look at what has happened in other habitats because of tourism.

  • I want to see these animals up close, and the enviromentalists are stupid

    I want to see shamu and other beautiful wonders of God's creation up close before I die. You think I have anywhere else to see them that close? And really, the eco friendly people are idiotic. The animals are not abused, they are there to show people the wonders of God's creation, not be tortured. That's what zoos are for! If you want people not to see animals up close, you are acting like a child dream killer!

  • How I have benefited from Sea World

    Have you gone to Sea World before? I've never been to the one in Florida or Texas but have been to the one in San Diego many times throughout my life. When I was a little girl going to see the shows was fascinating to see these beautiful creatures, do things humans couldn't do. As I grew older, I stopped going to see the shows and started watching these creatures, swim, eat, and observed just how beautiful they were up close. I got to learn so much more about these animals from employees there than I did through books. Personally, I think Sea World can do without the shows because the animals are forced to be trained, but the shows also showed us what these magnificent creatures are capable of. I have never learned more about marine animals from going to Sea World, even through my science books, museums, etc. (at most museums/zoos there's just a brief little plaque on the animals) At Sea World I can learn from the biologists there and discuss the lifestyle and habits of a specific marine animal with them. Not only can we be educated at Sea World, but also take into consideration that sometimes animals can be born with a genetic disorder. Having an environment that is captive helps them have a chance at surviving otherwise they would be easily eaten by a predator. So institutions like these can protect these animals by feeding and protecting them from the harm that could have potentially harmed them in the wild. I know Sea World is something that could considered immoral but they are improving their ways by listening to the public. If Sea World or zoos did not exist then we would never be able to discover all these various creatures. Thanks for reading my thoughts on Sea World:)

  • They help marine life

    They help:
    -Teach children about marine life
    -Sick and injured wildlife
    -Fight injustice of whalers and environmental threats
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Who cares anymore?

    So what. Let them go free so the populace in general can forget about dolphins, killer whales and all these cetaceans in general. Why have places that remind us that we share the oceans and planet with these creatures any ways. Might as well close all the zoos down too. I don't see Jane Goodall or Lily Tomlin spouting off about that, because that would be a good thing so we can forget about those animals too. I mean they're not human so who cares? We need to concentrate on our problems any ways not theirs. There's less things to worry ourselves about this way too, so all in all its a good thing. In the future I fall these animals die out well at least we can blame the activists for making us forget about them. What a relief that will be.

  • A bad thing for a good reason

    I vote no, for such attractions as SeaWorld being closed. Two facts are clear:

    There is an injustice for these animals and strong legislation coupled with viable enforcement of said legislation to protect such wildlife.

    Seaworld and similar attractions do just that. They attract. If they were closed the surrounding areas would be devastated without them.

  • I believe not.

    Places like SeaWorld are not just fascinating entertainment facilities, they also serve as learning institutions, it is a place where children, and adults, can learn about animals in a way that has far more effectiveness than just learning about them in class or from a documentary, in fact, I would not be surprised if many of our animal activists have not been influenced by visits to Zoos and aquariums to become activists, after all, these places hold endangered animals, and by providing a place where people can learn about their situation in the world, and interact with them, it might be more beneficial to the animals, in the long term as well as in the short term, than having the aquariums closed down.

  • Actually think about this

    What is you were the one of the animals at SeaWorld? Would you like it if they took you and made you into meat like some people seem to want? Think about it that for a change. We can kill chickens and cows and any other animal but we need to appreciate the animals that live in the see.

  • It gives us the opportunity to see them.

    I know I as a human would never get to see an orca if they were not kept in captivity. I concede that it is not their natural habitat and they are not as comfortable as they would be if it were, but they certainly are comfortable to some degree and are able to survive in that environment. If you didn't know, places like Sea World are heavily regulated by local authorities to ensure the animals are properly cared for.

  • Many many reasons.

    First of all, many people will have a chance to see a majestic creature by paying US$75, rather than a chance of a US$400 cruise where they may or may not see them. Second of all, it can save lives. Ever heard of Winter? (If not, I advise you to google winter the dolphin. Or Bing. Or Yahoo. Or Ecosia. Or whatever). Finally, many of these species at SeaWorld and similar places are endangered. We close down SeaWorld, they die out in the wild, future generation can't see these majestic animals. However, if, say, Orcas are driven to extinction, then there could be a repopulation effort. Interesting, eh environmentalists.

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