Should Ethans parents be responsible for the charges

Asked by: Dezeya
  • OK, I guess PARTIALLY...

    So yeah, he had HORRIBLE parents, that doesn't mean that he should serve no jail time. Even he must have known it was illegal for him to be drunk at age 16, illegal for him to be high, and definitely illegal for him to be drunk, high, and driving. He took the lives of 4 people because of these boneheaded mistakes and deserves a hefty sentence, not 10 years probation. Its not safe for him to be still out there in the world, not for himself or for others. So yeah, his parents should be PARTLY responsible but definitely not fully.

  • He had horrible parents
    His parents never taught him right from wrong. They let him live like an adult driving at the age of 13 and letting him live by himself. How my 16 year old do you think would just sit back and do everything they would do if their parents were there.

  • Parents should not be held responsible for the waywardness of their children if they have tried their best.

    All the parents have a responsibilities towards their children and most of them try their best to provide them a good upbringing. But some children misbehave under the influence of their peers on which the parents have but a little control. They can counsel their children not to behave in an unworthy manner but at the end of day it is the person who is solely responsible. The parents can not be with their children all the time and there are other social institutions like school for example which can provide guidance to the young and if they do not listen to the school teachers how can we blame them. In the similar fashion Parents should not be held responsible for the waywardness of their children if they have tried their best.

  • A poor upbringing is no excuse

    Sure the parents are PARTIALLY responsible due to their less than great parenting however not everyone who has a bad upbringing turns into a delinquent I know of plenty of people who have had worse upbringings and yet didn't end up in trouble with the law most used their negative background as motivation to be better than their parents and do some good in the world , my point is the kid has made a serious mistake and must be brought to account accordingly as should his parents it doesn't matter if he's a minor he took 4 lives we should not have a society that bases punishment on age it should be based on the severity of the crime , severe crimes demand severe consequences

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