• Yes, It should be taken seriously.

    Yes, most people involved in business—whether functioning as a small business owner, employee, eventually face ethical or moral dilemmas in the workplace. Such dilemmas are usually complex, for they force the person making the decision to weigh the benefits that various business decisions impart on individuals (including him or herself) and groups with the negative repercussions that those same decisions usually have on other individuals or groups.

  • Business ethics matter.

    Yes, ethical issues should be a topic of concern in a business environment because there are some things that are more important than profit. Even if profit is the only thing, treating people in an unethical manner is not the way to increase sales, because your customers will not like you for long.

  • Business should always include ethics

    Business environments need to have a set of ethics in place for their unique business. Everyone should know exactly what to expect from that environment so that it is a peaceful place for all involved. Having an ethical structure leads to less misunderstandings and gives everyone a guideline for acceptable behavior.

  • Yes, ethics are crucial to good business.

    Businesses must strive to be as ethical as they can be. Not only is treating consumers and employees well good for those groups, but it is good for business in that it promotes and fosters brand and product loyalty and induces a broader group of consumers. Many people will not frequent businesses that operate unethically, and in today's information age it is easier than ever for consumers to find information on businesses, specifically negative information about unethical behavior.

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