• Yes, children need to learn about ethical issues.

    Yes, I believe that ethical issues are important in helping children understand exactly what is right and what is wrong. Of course, that's objective in and of itself, but at the end of the day, some children need guidance. We can't allow this country to slip through the cracks in regards to this situation.

  • Learn From A Young Age

    I believe ethical issues should play a part in a school environment. Children should start learning about ethics far before they ever enter school and it should most definitely continue once they are in school. Ethical issues pop up every day and they are most commonly understood as what is right and wrong. Children get these concepts, they should certainly talk about it in class.

  • Ethical issues should play a part in the school environment

    Children need to learn ethics everywhere, because many parents simply do no do their job. Look at this country and read all the negativity people have towards other people online. People are literally being unethical by making their neighbors lives harder, just for simply not liking them. People do mean things like cost people their jobs because they do not agree with their view points. Schools should be teaching civility and ethics in school.

  • It should all be handled ethically.

    Yes, ethical issues should play a part in a school environment, because it is important for students and their parents to know that they are receiving an ethical education. This could concern a policy on cheating; it could concern a policy on corporal punishment. An education that is not ethical is not much of an education.

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