• Ethics is not dependent on religion.

    There are many religions that claim that their path is the right way. You have Buddhism and their Noble Truths, Christianity, Using the Bible as their guide. Religion promotes proper behavior based on a "deity" or "Supreme Being. " On the other hand, Ethics is a tool which is universally used to determine if an action is "good" or "bad. " Ethics is an objective endeavor, Making it the logical choice on which should take precedence.

  • Think of the children

    If you honestly believe parent's beliefs which believe they can pray away the sickness should trump the ethical treatment of those children who have a slow and painful death from pneumonia or seizures that could of been stopped with a simple trip to the ER or an insulin shot, then you are even more morally misguided than those sick pedophiles who touch children. The reason being... Those beliefs killed the children slowly and painfully which is even worse than some of the most horrendous acts i can think of.

  • Ethical Considerations Should Always Trump Personal Beliefs.

    Although at times it may be difficult to separate ones personal beliefs from ones ideas around ethics and morality, one thing is clear: Every person has at least a basic understanding of what constitutes ethical behavior--and most people can differentiate between his or her personal belief and ethical issues. Indeed, personal belief often concerns itself beneficial outcomes on the individual level. Ethical issues, in contrast, tend to take groups of people (and their well-being) into consideration. From a macro perspective, then, it only makes sense that ethical issues should take precedence. Since they concern themselves with beneficial outcomes for (relatively) larger numbers of people, there is a greater good argument to be made for them taking precedent. More simply, more people would be benefited by having ethical issues trump personal ones, thus ethical issues should take precedence over personal beliefts.

  • Personal beliefs are ethics.

    No, ethical issues should not ever take precedence over personal beliefs, because a person's personal beliefs should coincide with their ethics. If a person believes that it is wrong to have an abortion, they will also believe that it is unethical. A person has to stand by their convictions, regardless of society.

  • Ethics are Personal

    A person's moral compass should be his or her guiding light through life. If someone else's code of ethics causes someone to consider doing something he or she is morally opposed to, that person should take care to not compromise his or her own sense of morals. Personal beliefs should win out.

  • Ethical issues should not take precedence over personal beliefs

    While ethical issues should be considered, each person should be allowed to hold their own personal beliefs. Many different cultures having varying ideas about what is ethical and they should be able to remain individual. What may be seen as ethical to one group could be completely different from another belief system.

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