Should ethnic Moldovans accept any Roma refugees from Romania?

  • Roma Have to Live Somewhere

    Roma refugees have to live somewhere. Moldavans are generally on the eastern edge of Romania and surrounded by The Ukraine. Moldavia is probably too small to take in a lot of refugees, but the Roma can at least use Moldavia as a stopping off point for their nomadic journeys throughout Europe.

  • All the countries should pitch in.

    Yes, ethnic Moldovans should accept Roma refugees from Romania, because all the neighboring nations need to do their parts to deal with the Roma situation. No one country should have to bear the burden alone. Each country, including Moldova, can do their part. Europe does not need any more ethnic hostilities.

  • Yes, they need each other.

    Yes, ethnic Moldovans should accept refugees from Romania, because they need assistance. Each region should be willing to accept refugees from other places and of other ethnicities, as long as they are willing to follow local laws. Romanians have had times in their future that they have needed to flee as well, so it is being a good neighbor.

  • Yes they should.

    Ethnic Moldovans should accept any Roma refugees from Romania. It is the right thing to do because many of the people coming from Romania are suffering badly and need help. People should always be willing to help those in need as this is the only way we can make the world better.

  • Roma are Asian immigrants

    Roma people are unrelated to any European ethnic group...Moldovans and Romanians speak the same language.
    Roma people should return to Asia Punjab nobody wants them in Europe,all Europeans despise Roma way of life and Roma culture.
    Roma people were always considered Indians and Asians since they left Punjab,they should return to their roots.

  • Ethnic Moldovans Not Responsible for Roma Refugees

    Unfortunately, we shouldn't expect ethnic Moldovans to accept Roma refugees directly from Romania. The fact of the matter is that they aren't responsible for these refugees and can't exactly support all of them in this day and age. Therefore, we need to find other solutions to deal with Roma refugees.

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