• Etiquette is key to service jobs.

    Not all parents teach manners at home. When their child reaches adulthood, They will be cast into the workforce and be required to have proper etiquette when interacting with other people. Service jobs in particular are very dependent on how you treat others, So when taking that into to account it becomes more apparent how important it is to teach etiquette in schools.

  • They should teach manners in schools

    Today we are talking about manners and most importantly, if they should be taught in schools. I believe that manners should be taught in schools. Without proper etiquette, society would be a mess with free for all behaviours that would have rude people dominating those who care about others. Every kid need good social skills in order to succeed. If kids are not learning these basic skills at home, we need to be teaching them at school. Otherwise, through subtle social signals, the kids without manners will lose out and never know why. Adults owe it to their kids to teach them manners and etiquette. If we truly want to give all students an opportunity to succeed, we must stress the importance of acceptable, desirable behaviour that will help them get and keep jobs, friends, and family. Someone needs to tell them. Who can be a better option than the teachers whom we look up to as our role models.
    Good manners are not just a matter of conforming to society’s sociological norms, they are about the assumption of the basic value of all people and they force us to think kindly and compassionately towards others. Good manners dictate that you treat others with respect and kindness. At the core of good manners is respect for oneself and others.

    Learning how to be polite and showcasing care towards others helps children develop self-respect and integrity. The lessons taught in etiquette schools serve as important life skills. They also help to boost a child’s self-esteem and this can open new doors for them.

    Most children who possess good manners tend to be more receptive when it comes to following instructions. They are more likely to have better listening and reading skills, which can lead to academic success. Proper manners taught in an school enables students to manage their school environment much more effectively. Life-long benefits of learning good manners and etiquette. Whenever students express their gratitude for the things others do for them, they get to feel better about themselves. In essence, they start to view themselves as givers rather than takers. This helps to install a sense of empathy in them. Without such expressions of appreciation, children and young adults can become self-centred and take for granted everything given to them.

  • Lets think about it.

    Although we should already know our manners, it's is always good to learn a little more about poise and speech and conversation. Etiquette can be a life saver in some point of your maybe ordinary life. Plus you need to use manners about everyday of your life, exactly the same as math and English and maybe even a language. Although it might take up some of your time at school, it's definitely worth it. After all, a lot of kids need it. I for one definitely need it myself as a 12 year old. This is also good practice for my persuasive essay coming up, sooooooo, this was fun and STUDENTS NEED ETIQUETTE IN SCHOOL AND EVERYWHERE!

    From Highschool Student. Plz reply if something wrong with this message!

  • Yeah Bro dfs

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    Posted by: Cres
  • ♥ Etiquette Should be Taught in Schools ♥

    Should etiquette be taught in schools? Yes, and here's why... Etiquette is important, it makes the world a better place. Just look at those goofballs over there in the 'Say No' section! Imagine a world without etiquette? Wouldn't be great, huh? Etiquette should be taught in schools because school is a good place to learn and you can't learn without learning etiquette.

  • Yes it should be

    I have found that a lot of friends and people I know do not have very good manners, and if it was thought in school (not to be mean) but kids could be forced to learn it which would make them learn it faster and better. Now I'm only 11 years old but I think teachers should teach manners.

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  • Heck yea! My Guy!

    Etiquette is very very important! With out manners and all that stuff this place would be really really dark. Darker than it already is. Students need to know the behalf of respecting their elders. And they need to know when it is time to play and LEARN! --SALLY YAYYYYYYY ETIQUETTE

  • Yes! But why?

    Okay, so all of you "manners should be taught at home" people: I agree- the only problem: in most household mommy is no longer stay-at home and raise kids. Mothers have a pressure on them put on by society to go out and work. What about dad: for, well- ever, the man of the house (dad) has to work. So with thease two factors where is a child to learn manners?

  • Yes, children are getting worse and worse because parents aren't doing anything about it

    Parents of young children are failing our community. Children all over are not using proper etiquette and no one is stopping it. They don't treat women with respect anymore and now disrespect adults very often. They don't recognize the importance of manners. We all need to stop this argument. Parents either need to start helping our future generations or school will.

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  • Manners should be taught at home

    I think manners should be taught at home not in school because Because kids need good social skills in order to succeed. If kids aren't learning these basic skills at home, we need to be teaching them at school. Otherwise, through subtle social signals, the kids without manners will lose out and never know why.

  • Krystal Burke. No ettiquete in school

    I think that teaching etiquette in school is a waste of time because kids should be taught the core stuff they need to know. Like math and language and history. Teaching etiquette in schools cuts out time for math and history and science and language and stuff like that. What if you are in class doing a test and you don't know what the question means because most of your time was spent on etiquette in class.

  • School shout not teach it

    Schools should not teach it because school are supposed to teach other lessons and not etiquette etiquette should be tough at home not at school that is for your parents to teach not the schools the school have other things that they need to teach if we teach it at school i will die

  • School Is School , Not Mom Or Dad .

    Only Peoples With Money Like Other Peoples Taking Care Of There Mom & Daddy Job Of There Kids, With No Real True Care Or Time On How There Kids Latter On In Life '' As Long A They Haven't Shoot Up A Place Or Killed No One Or White Crime's . That's Why Use A Etiquette Schooling . Respect Start From Home & Birth , Not Some Dam School .Com.Org. Lol

  • No no no

    No one need etiquette at school kids don't listen enough to even need etiquette at school maybe at a millatery school yeah i need more words to submit so lal al al alla a al a a lal la a lal a llalalalaa l ll a l alal a l

  • Very bad idea

    2. We should already know our manners.

    3. Manners should be taught at home

    4. We should have been taught our manners when we were way younger.

    5.No one would choose that elective because it does not sound fun or exciting.

    6.Some people will take advantage of you if you learn good manners people would think you were a “goodie goodie” and think that they could take advantage of you because you wouldn’t stand up for yourself

    7. In our generation, info will go in one ear, out the other and not be helpful because the information would not be used in the students everyday life at home & school because very few people of this generation care about manners

    Kids who come from good families will find the class meaningless

    Research tells that it students and general children learn best from their parents.

    A manners class takes away important instruction time from core classes like LA and math

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  • Not enough time in the school day

    Teachers have enough on their hands without worrying about the manners of the kids they only see at school. Once these kids move on in life, the teacher will most likely never see them again. Teachers should focus on academic subjects, not things the parents of the child should be worrying about.

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