Should EU have an agricultural protectionist policy?

  • Yes, it's a smart way to ensure the future of farmers.

    Agriculture is the most important thing to civilization. In that way alone we, should put steps in to either expand it or protect it. One of the ideas in place is not to accept as many other countries, and once gaining surplus of food to give it away to other countries that need food.

  • If they want their future to be safe, then yes.

    This is a must for any society that finds itself in economic turmoil. The day the farmer is afraid of being able to provide for themselves through agriculture is the day that prices of food go up as well as repercussions to the economy as a whole. It's important to safeguard against this possibility by making those who work in agriculture feel protected.

  • Yes, of course, the EU should have an agricultural protectionist policy

    It is my opinion that the EU would do well to have a policy in place that protects agriculture on some level. Agriculture is a vital resource to every country's food needs and also contributes to the GDP. It ensures that the economy remains stable and provides jobs for many residents. Also, with climate change causing record drought every year, it is important to take a position that will help sustain vital resources for generations to come. I consider this to be a no brainer.

  • Yes, the EU should have an agricultural protectionist policy because it will protect a crucial part of the world economy.

    The EU should pass whatever measure is necessary to bring protection to agriculturalists because they are quickly being demolished by huge corporations. Industries such as farmers are crucial to keep prices down while maintaining jobs for actual workers. Some of the agriculturalists who actually work in the fields are preventing our national and global economy from becoming a giant monopoly.

  • Incoherent Yes arguments

    I havent read a single sensible argument yet. By abolishing protectionist policies the eu will be relieved of a loot of money. They are currently paying farmers to make them competitive with overseas farmers as our own eu produce is too expensive and no one would buy it at market price. Our farmers are therefore inneficient at producing it and should look at alternatives for their income because they wont last forever. Offcourse there would be unemployment initially however with market forces being free to adjust our economies our farmers will find other alternatives which are good for our climate etc.

  • No, I believe that free trade is best.

    With food getting in short supply, agricultural markets need to be open. This would make protectionism unnecessary. Free trade is what will work best to keep the markets competitive and the food flowing to hungry citizens. Those who are productive can sell their products and provide for those folks that need to buy food.

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