• Greece has suffered a lot and will cause suffering if not bailed out.

    Even though it seems as though Greece would be rewarded for it's bad actions, Greece has already suffered a good amount for what it has done with public riots and government attacks. In addition to that, if Greece were not to receive bailout, it would both show that the EU can not support such problems, leaving loan companies wanting more interest for the loans they give out to other countries using the euro.

  • Do not do It

    Greece has been living a lot above Its possibilities since Its entrance in the euro, and It wasn't like Portugal or Spain,2 countries destroyed by bad investments and corruption, but stupid things like a school that had 200 students could have 30 employees and an Hair cutter could go to retirement with 40 years or 20 of service because according to them It's a profession with big physical exhaustion.
    The Value Added Tax is still too small, and Tax Evasion(like in other South European countries) is a very serious problem, Greece should start by solving some of this problems, and cut anywhere they can, Portugal and Spain are a lot better than Greece however they're making more progresses than Greece and are making more financial changes in their society/economy than Greece that needed more this cuts and taxes.

  • No, Greece should get out of this themselves

    How are they going to learn to handle their own problems if they get bailed out? Yes, there might be a few ramifications if Greece fails, but will it really ruin all and everything? Somehow I don't think so. If Greece gets its act together it will be able to bail itself out.

  • No, they should leave it alone

    Europe should not bailout Greece because it will not really help the economy. It will help temporarily but will probably make it worse than before. I think the Euro was a big failure and some countries in Europe are better left alone and at their own currency. Sure it might hurt the system but it will be a lesson about uniting currency again.

  • It is only prolonging the misery.

    Europe should not bailout Greece. It is only serving to help Greece's creditors, not the Greek people. It would be much more beneficial for Greece to declare bankruptcy and then support them in rebuilding their country and reestablishing credit, rather than prolonging their national misery by continuing under a debt they will never be able to pay off.

  • No, it's a short term solution

    While some aid should be given, completely fixing the problem for them will not help in the long run. Feeding a person who does not know how to handle their money will never allow them to learn, and the same holds true for countries, as well. If their problems are to be fixed, they will need to be the ones to do it.

  • No. No. No.

    NO! The bailouts are not bailouts - they are a mere tool to allow certain EU states to completely control Greece. The Greek citizens have not seen any of the bailouts, yet they continue to pay for it while they lose their livelihoods and homes. It is ridiculous. Yet they won't let Greece leave the EU because (a) it will put an indelible black mark against the (ridiculous) idea of the Euro and (b) cause certain EU states to lose control of Greece.

  • The Referendum was clear

    With this the EU is eroding. Nobody can take billions of money from other countries, without paying it back. Greece did not pay the helping organisation IMF back. As far as I know, that never happened in Europe. How can You then trie to receive another billions worth contract. And then the rerendum .... . The European Policy runs the risk to make itself ridiculous.

  • No because without putting their own house in order it will be a total waste of money.

    The Greeks should be presenting a plan to convince the EU that they are genuine about reforming their nation. Re-employing un-needed public sector works, reinstating over generous public sector wage and pensions. Increasing the minimum wage is sending all the wrong signals. This is not about Greece vs Germany. It is about Greece wanting everyone else to take on their austerity. I believe any resources that could be given to Greece will be better used elsewhere.

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