• Of Course!

    I do not like muslims at all to be honest. And yes i am a nazi.
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  • No open borders.

    Open borders is like an open house, One would not let any stranger in their home, Then feed them, Clothe them, Give them medical attention, Spending money, Pay for mobile phones and the rest. Also, They have no ID's, Don't speak the language, Won't integrate.
    The problem is Muslims won't get along with any other religion or faith.

  • Yes. Absolutely, Yes.

    European cultures are at least equally as important and worthy of preservation as any other cukture(s) on this planet. Allowing an unchecked and impossibly large surge of migrants to supplant any group of cultures ought to be considered a crime against humanity.
    Western Europe is the birthplace of human rights, Lest it be foolish enough to allow those ideals to be destroyed by its own flawed principles. Close the borders and eject all non-citizens.

    Posted by: cj80
  • Europe has no borders because of EU

    Its already to late and the islamic terrorists are taking over their country They rape women and their mothers, they are looking for anybody that is islamist that didn't convert to Islam which is punishable by death. And what about the people that went their for freedom of religion do you think your country can ever be the same. Ask your politicians or president why would he put you in her,mms way? God please don't let them come here by open borders. They'd kills as they kill you. They don't even have to hide the fact their killing residents of europe in different parts of it. The police won't even go into parts of their city in the UK. Why? We've never been countries to allow other people to run for us that love peace and prosperity. We all have worked hard to be who we are & make what we do so why are we handing it over to people who only know war, they don't care about a peaceful resolution. They've said over and over they will take whats ours and keep it for themselves as they kill each one of us. Why doesn't that scare you. If yo want to die do it yourself don't give them the pleasure dang animals

  • Europe does not have to pay for the failures of Africa

    This is what happens when you let anyone who wants in to your home. You have no odea who they are or what they are about and when you ask/want them to leave you have no options when they say no. This is a modern day invasion tooled by leftist policy of giving the farm away.

  • Close the borders

    Migrants are sucking away money, housing, and jobs away from native unemployed Europeans who feel as though their home countries are being invaded and get silenced and arrested for speaking out. Add to that the mostly unreported and real threat that most of these migrants are terrorist agents of Isis that are raficalizing the migrants to commit acts of terror and violence including rape, intimidation, and beating up Europeans and demanding that Islamic law be enshrined. These migrants don't deserve to be in Europe.

    But why stop at closing the borders? The borders need to be militarized, heavily defended, patrolled by armed aircraft, armored vehicles, and soldiers with machine guns. Let it be clear that Europe's people and culture will never be undermined or subverted by Islamic terrorist migrants from the middle East and Africa.

  • Europe must close its borders

    If they keep on accepting migrants many women will be rape victims. More women will become victims of taharrush. Crime rates will rose because of illiterate migrants that don't even know about equal rights of women and men especially those who are from North European countries that cause terror to women. Women are encouraged to wear muslim women clothes to prevent sexual assault and where's the freedom of what women should wear if there are sexual assaults. A european country encourages women to wear wrist bands to prevent rape but of course migrants are not fools to be stopped by just a wristband. Migrants attack a woman in groups, how could she defend herself from gang rapes? Police cannot do anything because they are too many and afraid to be called racist. Damn, it's good to have racists citizen that rapists ones. Europe's hell for women and in some european countries rape victims are blamed because the court ruled that migrants have different culture than their countries that their allowed to rape anyone they want. Many of you who said NO are not fully aware of the crime that migrants commited.

  • Of course yes

    We need to regulate every person that comes into Europe. Letting everybody enter into the continent could be impossible. We can't even afford all the citizens that live in Europe. Besides all of this, it is important to help, mainly economically, the countries that are crucial for our continent. For example: countries of the Balkan route such as Macedonia that doesn't even have EU membership. The Balkan route is so important for Europe as it connects North Africa and Middle East to our continent and this situation must be improved, as well as the conditions of refugee camps.

  • Is this even a question?

    The idea of open borders is beyond ridiculous! You need to regulate who comes into your country, make sure they have the same values, they aren't dangerous, and you can afford them. I've yet to see one convincing argument in favor of open borders, and I doubt I ever will.

  • Open bordes will make Europe collapse

    Open borders is more of keeping Brussels in power and as Schengen is the major part of EU it is of vital importance that borders has to be open. Otherwise EU will fail.
    Europe is on the border of collapse with the chaos created by all these migrants.
    To say yes to closed borders doesn´t mean one is against migrants, but we have to take care of those all ready in EU.
    By the way, what is war in Syria all about ? Oil or gas ?

  • Think about the paccies!

    My brother is a paccie, he needs a home because he doesn't have one. He is only receiving 50p from his sex business which is ran by his step dad called requis. Everyday he beats him if he doesn't have sex at least 5 times with men. Please help ..........!

  • No, Europe should not close its borders to migrants.

    The countries in Europe are all free and open societies. In these egalitarian societies, it is understood that no one should be shut out, especially not based on race or ethnicity. To shut out populations of migrants is to close off your society and shut yourself in. I don't believe that doing so would fit in with the core beliefs and values of the European countries. The idea of liberty for all men should still ring true in Europe. Closing borders to people would not fall in place with "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite."

  • Europe Should Keep Borders Open

    Europe should not close its borders to migrants. There are a lot of countries that are struggling with poverty, war, and/or political unrest. Each country has a responsibility to help refugees and migrants. Migrants bring a unique perspective to the society that they migrate to. Europe has always been a cultural giant in the world and people should be able to move there from anywhere in the world.

  • Same argument here

    First off, this is more of a decision by each individual country, not the European Union. This is the same debate we have here where immigration is such a hot button issue. Do we let in the same type of people (immigrants) that founded this country or do we say enough is enough, this bar is full?

  • Keep European Borders Open

    Migration is a natural part of human life. Europe must keep borders open and enable people of all races, religions and creeds to relocate. It is the right of everyone to try to make a better life. In Europe, as in other locations, there is a need for better background checks, for more stringent application of visa limits and immediate deportation of violators. Keep borders safe, not closed.

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