• Yes of course!

    So should everyone else. The whole world should work at it and do whatever it takes to gradually ease into zero carbon emissions. Only then will the planet have a chance to properly heal itself. Think about future generations! Our great great great grandchildren should have the right to live here on Earth.

  • Yes, they should.

    They should commit to cutting their emissions because it will help the environment not only for the world but for the country itself. This will help reduce pollution and in my opinion get Europe's economic advantage over the world back on track. They can gain the power they once had.

  • Everyone sholuld be

    Trying to cut down on their emissions, not just Europe. If people have not noticed, the planet has been at record highs in temperature for the last 30 or so years. If we like living on this Earth, then we all should be trying to cut down on emissions. Europe can lead the way and set the example, so other countries will follow.

  • All developed nations should commit to reducing emissions

    With the developing world increasingly adopting dirty technologies as they pass through the early stages of industrialization, it is especially important that nations that are able to reduce their environmental impact do so. European countries are extremely capable of reducing carbon emissions, and they should commit to this goal to ensure that the environment has a path back to sustainability.

  • Yes, I think Europe should take steps to cut their carbon emissions.

    Europe has long been a leader in trying to cut down carbon emissions, I feel that sensible regulations and policies could be put in place in Europe that cut down on overall emissions, when other nations see that they were successful in doing so they may try to emulate the same policies in their own countries.

  • There is no need.

    No, Europe should not commit to cutting its emissions, because there is no evidence that cutting emissions would make the world more environmentally safe. Europe should wait until science is sure that global warming is the serious problem that it is, before they take any steps to cut emissions. Too many people would suffer a lower standard of living because of a maybe.

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