Should Europe embrace sanctions against Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis?

  • Because if we let it happen, it could cause a Hitler effect.

    People on the no side are saying that people in Crimea and Kiev would be happy to be apart of Russia, which is true. But if we let Russia have that part of Ukraine, they may decide they want more. That they don't just want part of Ukraine, they want all of it or, after they get Ukraine, they want Belarus or Latvia or Poland until they want all of Europe! I like to call this the Hitler Effect because Hitler did the same thing and that lead to World War 2 but then again the debt Europe put on Germany after World War 1 is also a cause of World War 2 so take your pick but it seems like either way, it leads to a World War.

  • yes they should

    Europe should increase sanctions against Russia because it is proven that Russia is backing very radical individuals as well as taking over a soverign nation. The European countries should remember what happens whan a dictator tries to take over land that doesn't belong to them. They should complete more sanctions.

  • Yes, Russia threatens the EU and the world

    Russia is looking for a fight among the nations of Europe and America. He is trying to show the world that Russia can be a dominant force, even though the conditions in Russia are worse off. With sanctions cutting Russia off from valuable resources and business, it will further prove that these Russia's threats are just cries for attention.

  • Russia does not deserve sanctions.

    As of right now, Russia's actions in Ukraine are completely legitimate, and other nations need to recognize this in order for democracy to run its course. Crimea has a strongly Russian population, historically, and after the coup which resulted in increased Ukrainian nationalist activity, most Crimean residents preferred to be a part of Russia. In fact, 95% of the population voted to secede from Ukraine. As far as I'm concerned, self determination of a people trumps international law, and these happenings should not be impeded by Europe, the US, or anyone for that matter.

  • Making an enemy of Russia is a bad idea

    This is very dangerous territory. I believe it would be a grave mistake for Europe to embrace the sanctions against Russia because of the Ukranian crisis. This would send the wrong message to Russia and Europe and in fact the world in general. Europe should leave well alone and not embrace the sanctions.

  • No, Europe should not embrace sanctions against Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis.

    Europe may make amends and shun Russia for the Ukrainian crisis however whatever's happening between Ukraine and Russia is entirely political and until and unless, it affects any alliance or Europe itself, there is no reason as to why Europe should waste its resources on Russia and basically fight wars for others.

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