• Statistics have shown that their is an increase in economies after people go fleeing from war. (just one point)

    I would like to point out to crabbymrgood56 that Syria is not the only place where organizations such as ISIS are fighting. Their is fighting all over the place and with several different groups. Which is why 21 present of those who are fleeing to Europe are from Afghanistan.

    The U.N. refugee agency says the refugees risk life and limb in unseaworthy vessels because they are "desperate" to reach Europe in their quest for protection from war, violence, and political persecution, as well as economic hardship.

    At least 3,735 migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea for Europe have died or gone missing in 2015. (also from the U.N. refugee agency)

    They do all this and still face discrimination, abuse, and poor living conditions, this must tell you how much their need is to evacuate their homes.

    (P.S. Again to crabbymrgood56, no one abandons their homes because things are bearable, they run because they don't want to die.)

  • Yes but at a reduced amount

    The Syrian refugee crisis is a humanitarian tragedy and the response from the west has been inept. However the fact remains that taking large amounts of Syrian refugees over a prolonged period of time is an unsustainable practice and one that will harm the receiving countries and Syria. The true solution lies in stabilizing Syria. It is therefore vital that we stop the tame air strikes and put boots on the ground in order to destroy both ISIS and overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Overthrowing al-Assad is a goal neglected by the west whereas ISIS is prioritized. ISIS would not have been able to form had the al-Assad regime been overthrown in the first place. Obama's red line stance regarding chemical weapons was a joke. It does not matter what methods was deployed by Assad to kill 200,000 of his own people. Death by chemical weapons or death by shelling, it is still death of innocent lives, it can't be sugarcoated.

  • Yes but at a far lower capacity than they currently are.

    The Syrian refugee crisis is a tragic humanitarian crisis and the response for the west has been inept. However the fact remains accepting ridiculous quantities of refugees over a sustained period of time is an unsustainable practice. The conflict in Syria needs to be resolved. End the tame air strikes, put boots on the ground, destroy ISIS and overthrow the al-Assad regime. This will make improve the stability of Syria. Overthrowing Bashar al-Assad is an aim neglected in the west, the simple fact remains that is Assad had been removed years ago then ISIS would not have emerged. Obama's red line over chemical weapon usage was a disgrace, the method used by Assad killed 200,000 of his own people is irrelevant. Death by chemical weapons or death by bombing and shelling is still death of innocent lives, you can't sugar coat it.

  • Europe is Europe

    Europe has a history of corruption,violence,and war.The occurrence of Syrian Refugees in Turkey is one such example of migration crisis and this serves to the faith of looking for hope in today's era.Usually this would've been solved back in the 20th century but with the events of Syria at war and civil war within itself,Europe is restraining outsiders due to the fear of violence to come in and ransack the whole region.

  • Not the way they're currently doing it.

    The migrant crisis has been an absolute hell for Europe, with some countries taking a larger hit then others. I'm not saying we shouldn't help these people, but I feel like the current plan of immigration isn't thought though well enough. If peace ever comes to these countries where the migrants are coming from, what are we going to do? Send them back? That might prove to be detrimental, but I promise you that they won't go willingly.

    On a side note, I have heard reports of nationalism rising in Europe because of the chaos caused by the migrant crisis. As someone who studies history, this doesn't sit well with me. The last spike of nationalism in Europe led to Facism, Nazism, and WW2. It would be catastropic for something like this to happen again.

    We need a better plan. The current one isn't working. I'm convinced that any plan can work from the start, but it depends on how that plan is carried out. But right now, the plan isn't being carried out too well.

  • I'd say no as..

    Firstly, we in the Uk have problems of our own and this wouldn't work as we already have far too many refugees here and they have hardly anywhere to go. And if yes at a far lower amount than we already have as we already have far far too many

  • I'd say no as..

    Firstly, we in the Uk have problems of our own and this wouldn't work as we already have far too many refugees here and they have hardly anywhere to go. And if yes at a far lower amount than we already have as we already have far far too many

  • Its not a solution

    Instead of taking in migrants,we should focus on solving the problems in the middle east. Everybody knows this war can end if the so called "leaders" decide it. Europe is losing its identity. Call me racist,but when i walk around in Europe i want to be in Europe,not in islamabad. Just as all countries have the right to have heritage,culture and its own people,why is Europe not allowed to?

  • No no no

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  • European countries should restrict immigration. 21% of the immigrants in Europe are Syrian. Others are pretending to be Syrian to get into Europe. according to Serbian border police 90% of those arriving in Macedonia claim they are Syrian, even though they have no pass ports to prove it. The chief of the European Union border agency Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri said that trafficking in fake Syrian passports has increased. "A lot of people enter Turkey with fake Syrian papers because they know that they'll get asylum in the EU more easily,”.72% of the migrants in Europe are men, 15% are women and only 13% are children.
    Immigration to Europe has had a very negative affect on the safety of Europeans, especially European women, in regards to crime. B tween the 1970s when Sweden opened its doors to immigrants and now rape has risen 1400%. In Sweden 77% of rapists have an immigrant background even though they are less than 10% of the population. In Oslo Norway people with black, middle eastern or Asian heritage are less than 1% of the population but commit 50% of rapes. More than half of convicted rapists ts in Denmark have an immigrant background. In the UK there have been dozens of Muslim rape gangs https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Rotherham_child_sexual_exploitation_scandal), Rochdale (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Rochdale_sex_trafficking_gang), Derby (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Derby_sex_gang), Oxford (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Oxford_sex_gang), Bristol (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Bristol_sex_gang), Telford (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Telford_sex_gang), Peterborough (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Peterborough_sex_abuse_case), Banbury (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Banbury_sex_gang), and Aylesbury (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Aylesbury_sex_gang)In Germany there have been thousands and thousands of crimes, including rapes, committed this year by African and middle eastern migrants here are some other examples of recent crimes committed by migrants in Europe this year.
    Understabibly most europeansa dont want more immigraiton.

  • Letting in migrants is not a long term solution

    Letting in migrants/refugees into Europe is merely a very short term solution to a deeper problem going on in the areas where the refugees are coming from. The solution therefore does not lie in letting them enter European countries that frankly are incapable of sustaining the prolonged increase in people in terms of both resources and the economy. Furthermore, the letting in of refugees exponentially increases the risk of a terrorist getting through the screening process and hence posing a threat to Europe. Are we prepared to take that risk for people that may not even require the aid they seek? Lastly, it is worth noting that a lot of the time when they enter countries in Europe they are causing undue conflict due to individuals who want them out and hence we end up with chaos due to the rivalry between citizens and migrants. I don't condone the behaviour but it is an inevitability.

    The solution therefore lies in stabilising the regions they are coming from not taking them in. A systematic approach to dealing with the threats over there is the way forward, and if we tackle the problem at its roots as we are doing now with the bombing of the oil fields that fund IS; we can eventually stabilise the region and prevent the dilemma of whether to let them in from existing in the first place.

  • An open door policy can only lead to systematic failure....

    Europe can't even handle the people already there, not to mention the thousands who are still arriving. Not to mention that as long as there are Muslim ghettos, new Muslim arrivals should be stopped. All that's going to happen is that the gettos are going to grow and this will ultimately cause tension between the secular and non secular populations........

  • Most of them aren't even fleeing war

    Un stats shows 73% of them are adult males and Over half of them aren't even from Syria. Their is vast amounts of evidence of the violence and problems they cause which include rape increases in Scandinavia, Muslim no go zones that the police wont even enter and riots all across Europe. The legitimate refugees should be given temporary stays in certain countries for 1-2 years but the current system of letting everyone is will be the destruction of Europe. Native Europeans will be minorities in their own countries within 50 years!

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