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Posted by: crabbymrgood56

Statistics have shown that their is an increase in economies after people go fleeing from war. (just one point)

  I would like to point out to crabbymrgood56 that Syria is not the only place where organizations such as ISIS are fighting. Their is fighting all over the place and with several different groups. Which is why 21 present of those who are fleeing to Europe are from Afghanistan. The U.N. refugee agency says the refugees risk life and limb in unseaworthy vessels because they are "desperate" to reach Europe in their quest for protection from war, violence, and political persecution, as well as economic hardship. At least 3,735 migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea for Europe have died or gone missing in 2015. (also from the U.N. refugee agency) They do all this and still face discrimination, abuse, and poor living conditions, this must tell you how much their need is to evacuate their homes. (P.S. Again to crabbymrgood56, no one abandons their homes because things are bearable, they run because they don't want to die.)
MulanLabe says2015-12-30T14:31:40.050
The thing you're forgetting is that as soon as a refugee reaches safety, he stops. If he continues (risking his life in a doggy boat) he isn't a refugee anymore, he's an economic migrant....... And Europe already has too many of those even without them belonging to an incompatible culture.........
PS. Only about 20% of the people entering the EU are from Syria....
DeepInThought says2015-12-30T20:30:39.020
Some one doesn't stop being a refugee after they reach the place that they are running to. The definition of refugee is... "a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster" Oxford Dictionaries
Anonymous says2015-12-30T22:17:01.137
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3240010/Number-refugees-arriving-Europe-soars-85-year-just-one-five-war-torn-Syria.html 21% of the immigrants in Europe are Syrian. Immigration to Europe has caused a rise in crime in those countries. Between the 1970s when Sweden opened its doors to immigrants and now rape has risen 1400%. In Sweden 77% of rapists have an immigrant background even though they are less than 10% of the population. In Oslo Norway people with black, middle eastern or Asian heritage are less than 1% of the population but commit 50% of rapes. More than half of convicted rapists ts in Denmark have an immigrant background. In the UK there have been dozens of Muslim rape gangs http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6527/migrants-rape-germany
crabbymrgood56 says2015-12-31T02:57:27.173
I think the biggest indication that they aren't refugees is that they don't stop. There is no war in Turkey yet thousands of migrants cross over to greece despite the fact they would be perfectly safe in Turket. I think the reason they cross over is because they are tricked or mis led by human traffickers .From Turkey they keep moving to Western Europe where all the wealth and welfare is. There is currently a documentary called "open gates" I don't agree with some stuff they show case but has clear evidence
DeepInThought says2015-12-31T18:20:19.650
Well {crabbymrgood56} the people in Turkey have a good reason to be afraid, the ISIS forces are attacking towns on the Syrian Turkish borders, and the Turkish government is saying that they will not fight unless the Western forces aid them and the Syrian revolutionary forces. This shows that the they don't feel confident with their military, and ISIS may see them as an easy target to hit next. Would you not want to get out of there as quick as possible.

For example, if a witness to a crime, is threatened here in the US, the witness is put into protective custody, it's kind of the same thing with the people in Turkey , who are threatened with having war in the streets soon, they are making a choice to get out of their before they have a chance to be killed, and are going to a much more secure place that can protect them and their families.
Anonymous says2015-12-31T23:07:39.677
Lets remember that according to the EU most of the migrants coming into Europe are not Syrian.
DeepInThought says2016-01-01T04:46:08.047
Yes but I am referring to the refugees, not the normal, let's move to another country for work purposes. I was talking about the refugees because they are the ones who have the most controversy connected to them.
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