Should Europe stop accepting Syrian refugees?

Asked by: TacticX
  • Refugees is questionable.

    You expect lots of women, children, elderly, when it comes to refugees. But in every bit of footage I see, there are a some of those, but the "refugees" are predominantly (90%?) able-bodied young men, complete with bluejeans, backpacks, cell phones, etc. Surely I can't be the only one who finds this highly suspicious? Even if they are refugees, I have to wonder, why aren't their able-bodies selves back there fighting the enemy instead of going to Europe for welfare? I saw an interview with one of these able-bodied young men, saying he abandoned his mother and sister because he had to be free. Is that why there are so many young "men" among the refugees disproportionate to women and children? If so, the cowards need to be sent back and told to take care of their mothers and sisters. Why aren't these guys fighting the enemy? Maybe if they did, ISIS would be defeated. Some countries there that aren't accepting these refugees, I have to wonder if they too are suspicious of far too many young men making up the ranks of the refugees.

  • There are too many

    The amount of refugees currently flooding into Europe are too high. Plus, these "refugees" aren't just trying to take refuge in any country, they are deliberately aiming for countries who will give them welfare and advantages, like Germany and UK. I say, if they want to take refuge in Europe, then they should obey the laws, respect the European culture, and assimilate into the country, not make demands and think they are above the law just because they have come from a war zone. Either way, taking in too many refugees will be detrimental to Europe in the long run and could hurt the economy as well as anger the citizens of the countries allowing refugees. US and the UN should force the Arabic countries to take them instead since they are their people. It's not Europe's responsibility!

  • If they do, they should straight up open their borders to everyone.

    It's not smart to allow that many people to flood into the country without incredibly extensive background checks. It's also just dumb to accept them because bad stuff happens to some of them. Worse stuff happens in China and we all still buy billions of dollars of crap from them.

    One picture of a dead kid and the world cries themselves to sleep. I don't like saying this, but get over it. Bad stuff happens in countries like that. It isn't totally up to western countries to help every single person out. We can do what we can, but to just open our borders and say "come live with us now" just will not work out. We can see what the Muslims are doing to London and all that, imposing their laws on everyone... Let's just hope they don't do that to the countries that are nice enough to let 'em all in.

    ISIS has also said they have members hiding within the "refugees," so again, it'd be safe, for the sake of our western countries, to not allow tens of thousands of people from that area of the world to flood into our country.

  • Its absolutely discracefull

    Why should we let them in they could fckn bomb us we don't actually lknow who they are they could be dressed as isis and kill us think about it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fckn hell .

  • They just want to take advatage of our generosity

    Are they really refugees? I mean, lots of them are doing whats right by going to a neiboring country, goint to a camp and waiting out the war. But then theres the talentless freeloaders that go to free stuff land i'm sorry I mean europe. You apply for asylum in the first country you arrive. If they enter europe, they need to apply for aslylum in greace and then go in to a camp. Then they dicide that oh there just little innocent children that were in a war so they have more rights than anyone. Sorry but no. Bringing in so many people from another culture just doesnt work.

    You could say that they are freeloaders but they just want a better life. And to that I say, they attacked paris, brussels and assulted women in cologne. If I were leader of the EU, i'd never let in another musslim after those attacks and brand them as innocent children just wanting to help and put the lives of millions of europeans in danger just because some freeloader "refugees" cant handle reality. Also, when refugees arent being crimminals or terrorists, there taking advantage of welefare and social sirvices and using children to guilt trip the europeans. Europes in an ecinomic crisis alredy so they don't need a bunch of spoiled musslims being backed by overly sentemental idiots claiming they just want a better life. By better life they mean being on welefare for their whole unfortunate lives and taking advantage of european taxpayers. Yeah, I thought so.

  • Syria needs Syrians

    No. They should fight for their civilization like everyone else in history. It won't be easy. It will cost blood, sweat, and tears. However, nothing given for free has any value compared to what is paid for with the steepest of prices.

    Only they can fix their lands and society. No one owes them anything and no one is going to do it for them. If individuals want to help the refugees, so be it, but don't make it the problem of your neighbors.

  • They are not Refugees

    Well, to my (logical) thinking, the very second you cross the border from a safe country, you are no longer a refugee but an Immigrant and therefore not entitled to ANYTING, including free social welfare i any way shape or form.
    There is no EU or UN law that says you can live in whatever country that suits you, unless you say the magic word ASYLUM.
    Here in Denmark we could probably cut taxes 20-30 % simple by saying goodbye to Immigrant and there descendants.
    Ander yes we can kick people out if they can learn to speak english, they can learn to so speak somarli

  • Just my opinion.

    ISIS could sneak in with the Syrians who are trying to escape from them. Sure, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Syrians are peaceful and productive members of society. However, letting millions through the borders could mean ISIS could slip in. It only takes five terrorists to bomb the whole of London. You know what happened in Paris, right? Europe could be totally forced into Islam and it's already happening.

    Also, Paris isn't the only example. Case in point, Geert Wilders actually drew an anti-Islam cartoon and now the man is living under protection and can't walk free in his own country. RIP, artsy, free, liberal Netherlands. Yet you politically correct liberals want to force everyone to revere Islam. When Islam-based violence occurs, we're not going to respect Islam even more. I used to call myself a liberal, but I cannot do that anymore. They are just too stupid and gullible for me to associate myself with.

    In conclusion, I don't think for a second that all of them are terrorists, I imagine the vast majority of Syrians are nice people. However, some of them may threaten us with death or prison if we don't convert.

  • Enough is enough

    At what price are we accepting immigrants. Our first responsibility is to our citizens and accepting refugees is accepting an increased risk to our own population. The lives of citizens of one country should not be put in peril in order to protect those of another country. Protect and conserve your values.

  • No more third world refugees. Keep the standards of the first world intact.

    Neither the EU or US should accept any Syrian/African money seekers. Send them back to their native countries with birth control. Provide aid to their soiled nest countries where they breed too much. Provide them birth control. Mandate it. These countries have birth rates of 5 or more and need to "get with the program." All developed countries have rates of 1-2 children per person. They are more sustainable and law abiding and peaceful cultures. The first world should never cave to the woman abusing rape extremist cultures of the third world. Nor should the first world accept the third world cultural/ignorant refusal to modify behaviors if those countries wish to live better. Birth rates should be reduced. People need to learn not to soil their own nests, to think reasonably rather than being stuck in some psychotic outdated paradigm(s).

  • This Is Ridiculous

    This is ridiculous we obviously need to help all these people that are coming into Europe they would bring us in if Europe was in war we are an immensely rich continent their are 468 billionaires The EU's annual expenditure on arms is €281 billion The EU is promising to give €1 billion aid to help the refugee crisis – to help keep the refugees out, that is.That's 281 times what they are giving to help the Syrian refugees

  • Not all of them

    I agree that terrorists should not be allowed to get here. But most terrorist attacks are done by rejected refugees. The problem is that when they get rejected they are already here. This means we are already great at filtering out most of the bad guys. If only we would already filter them out in for example Turkey I think most of the problems are solved. They can apply at the embassy in Turkey. And the reason it are mostly young men who travel here is most likely so they can make a living and then bring their Families over who might have fled to a save place nearby.

  • People should accept refugees

    We need to help these refugees!! It is the humane thing to do and it is the right thing... I feel so bad for the refugees because those people are just innocent people who wasn't even involved in the whole conflict... But this is only my opinion so please don't judge

  • We would only encourage terrorism if we wouldn't accept Muslim refugees.

    Denying Muslim refugees, will only fuel the forces of terrorist organisations like IS, they’ll be able convince young people that the western world is against them. Instead of keeping terrorist out of the country, and so decreasing terrorism, we will only encourage it. Many right-wing parties and politicians urged on turning out refugees, and in this way giving terrorist leaders valid arguments to support their hate for the western world. We see this happening already at the moment, mostly near the Syrian border.

  • Democracy at stake

    I wouldn't say we all are obligated to help foreign people, we are not. Just as much as we are not obligated to shake hands when we see someone we know on the street. We do it, cause it's a moral responsability. This type of consciousness should be even more presente in the heads of our leaders. By only looking at the economical numbers, the job rates and the financial state of our contries we put economics in front of democracy, we don't act as if we were contries but huge Money making companies. Democracy as a essence herself, created for all of us to have a say and a moral responsability towards each other. Are really those the kind of leaders we want to have? The ones shutting doors, the ones wasting time and Money investing on war businesses, the ones drawning in cash while a city gets teared apart and a child cries over and over her parents death? Forgive me if i'm wrong but denying refugees, or worst, pilling them on our borders in terible conditions, may actually be the 21 st century genocide. Closed minds, closed borders, no deals, no talks, eyes shut, we are turning our contries into dictatorships ourselves as we watch our fellow contries burn. Perhaps fox made to many movies for us to believe that suffering is real.

  • 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees

    If anyone with an internet connection and half a brain were to copy and paste the headline into google and then read what it says. It is quite obvious in that if we label them as refugees, the European countries who not only agreed to it, but due to 21st ideals and our current attitude towards life: pretty much every country should take in these poor, helpless people.

    Now, I am not trying to make an argument saying that every Refugee should go to Europe. But what I am trying to say is that all countries around the world should not just talk about helping the refugees who are blatantly running from war, death, and terror, but act upon those thoughts. I look down upon the Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and etc who have not taken in a single refugee. I shake my head at the US for not wanting to take more than 20,000 refugees. We have the ability to give billions of dollars to Israel, yet can't afford to educate our own people, fix our roads, and assist our own homeless population. On top of that we, along with the United Kingdom, who have wonderful economies and large GDPs are taking less than 1/10th of other Middle Eastern countries with already terrible systems of government, poor education, and even smaller GDP.

    I support background checks, but I don't support it when they take 2 years to complete. I would most definitely want peace over war, but I know that 0.00001% of the Refugees coming in may have violent emotions and want to commit terrorist acts towards European countries, but to stop that we are letting children, mothers, fathers, wives, and grandmothers all die.

    We are in the 21st Century with weapons of mass destruction, with talking robots, with faster than sound jets, with spaceships being built to go to Mars, and more. Surely, we can grow up and understand that this isn't about "Us" and "them". It is about all of us. Furthermore, Europe's population is decreasing and eventually they will need people because Europeans aren't having enough children. Also, a majority of Syrian Refugees are educated, i.e. college. They are doctors, engineers, and etc who once in Europe will not only assimilate, but also contribute more to European society than a majority of Europeans.

  • Bunch of Racists

    Let them in you bunch of racists.....They are probably good people. Good workers and could join the European fighting force?
    You realise that letting them in is an act of kindness and as Europe is a relatively good country and need the support of these awesome members of political intelligence.

  • Europe has no choice.

    First and foremost, the conflict that is happening in Syria is not one that can easily be brought to an end. The number of parties involved in the conflict itself makes it a seemingly never-ending atrocity. Why would any sane citizen want to continue living or try to survive in a war that has a ridiculously low to zero chance of it ever ending? No matter how much the Syrians don't want to live, they don't have a choice but to do so in the name of survival.
    (further reading:

    Secondly, even though the EU has no obligation to grant the refugees asylum, the current situation* in the refugees' neighbouring countries (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon), the high expense of seeking asylum in other countries (high-income countries in Asia, Russia, Canada, etc.)((also don't even talk about America right now with Trump around)) as well as the long history of the Gulf countries to not give residency to migrants** has led to Europe being the only alternative. In comparison to all the other places, Europe is the most capable and accessible. This makes Europe literally the only viable choice for refugees.

    Now, of course welcoming refugees would bring about immense fears among the European citizens (economic, security, social). Additionally, if Europe continues to welcome these refugees with open arms, the number will just continue to increase, right? On top of all that, the growing Islamophobia is fuelling the fears exponentially - believing that many of these Syrians are potential terrorists, rapists, trouble-makers, etc.

    Sure, integration of these refugees would inevitably be met with tension and misunderstanding (in the part of both parties) But is it better to leave millions of innocents to die? IT IS possible to integrate these refugees in a peaceful and accommodating manner. I should stress that understanding has to be made among the refugees - that we are helping them and cooperation is crucial for this to work. Education, re-training, etc. is needed; religion and culture can still be practised but the law remains. Perhaps with a more understanding and accommodating approach, Islamophobia would not be so prevalent and perpetuated. Which I think, would greatly reduce the security and social apprehensions of the Europeans.

    The Syrian Crisis is a historic event that truly tests our empty 'oneness of humanity' rhetoric. Though I know people are still adamant and cynical against the refugees, I am hoping that we will make the good choice and continue pushing on, for the sake of humanity.

  • Europe For Europeans.

    Every race has their homeland, Europeans have theirs. And don't call me racist, because that word is meaningless in today's society where it is being overused by liberals. Europeans shouldn't allow refugees from Syria and they shouldn't allow refugees from Africa. European governments have to stop trying to 'integrate' refugees into European nations, because it will never happen. Our cultures are different and it can never happen. Europe For Europeans.

  • We can accept them, but this is getting far too excessive

    This threatens European populations greatly, the more refugees you accept, more out of control they'll become. Some of the refugees may continue to breed their own population in EUrope, no one else but the European GOVTs have to expend for them. I can see good thing of taking them in, sometimes we need help to deal with struggling as well s those poor Syrians, taking them inside Europe could give them more opportunities to do at least a job and make some money during the duration of the war. Yes it shows that Europe has humanities towards others.
    However the setback was that these people come from the middle east where populations are facing struggles and radicalized with religion for centuries, making them aggressive and selfish. I do not know much about Middle east culture but among the refugees are hidden ISIS, one in 100 or 1000 we don't know, but the Government are lacking in careful selection process which resulted in some extremists leaking in. The event that took 130+ lives in Paris proves that we should not take in anymore Migrants or this will put your own populations at risk. During last year's New Year countdown, there were over 1000 raping commenced by arabs and refugees in Germany

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