Should Europe , the USA and Russia create a safe-zone in Syria and invest money to move the refugees there?

Asked by: nostro200
  • Have Trump build his wall here

    ...And have ISIS & Syria pay for it (split the bill). The wall will be thick and beautiful, because all his buildings are beautiful. There shall be towers every half-mile loaded with anti-aircraft, anti-tank, anti-ISIS, and anti-Syrian, anti-Russian, anti-Jordanian, anti-American, etc weapons. Within there shall be gift shoppes and convenience stores, along with a mall and schools. Tourists will come to get t-shirts and camel rides. The police will be Trump security forces hired from outside Syria and other nasty places so no one goes BOOM!

  • A Big Beautiful Safe Zone’ in Syria for Refugees

    What I like is build a safe zone in Syria. Build a big, beautiful safe zone, and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier.
    So You keep ’em in Syria. You build a tremendous safe zone, it’ll cost you tremendously much less, much less, and they’ll be there and the weather’s the same. And the weather is the same and then when this horrible situation that is so horrible run. We don’t know what we are doing. When its all over they move back and they go back into their cities, and they rebuild there cities. And they start out and they start over again.

  • It would be almost impossible to secure.

    Syria is filled with ISIS, rebel groups, and Assad. Building this "safe zone" would be extremely expensive and it would be very difficult to secure against the three groups I just mentioned. Even if you built it out of the way, there would be no guarantee that ISIS wouldn't push their influence to that point.

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