Should Europe tighten immigration laws concerning Muslims?

Asked by: mulan.labe
  • Will of God.

    It is well known that Islam spreads like wild fire, as if it is the will of God.
    The western media has left no stone upturned in its pursuit to portray Islam as a religion of hatred and against human rights, but still this religion (which is also the last of Abrahamic Faith) endures and continues to spread at alarming proportions with reports of every single Muslim woman giving birth to thousands of children there by leading to population explosion and these innocent looking children, like rats grow very quickly and become adults in few years, and they look like an embodiment of blood thirsty legion of Devil ready to cut the head of anyone in their path who refuses to convert to Islam. Such negative publicity has resulted in more curiosity about Islam and indirectly, aiding in its spread.
    For once, we should read Koran and search for valid reasons and logical answers for our repeatedly failed pursuit of trying to curb Islam and its message to the world...!

  • If a group of immigrants refuses to integrate into the local culture it shouldn't have a right to reside there.

    Over the past few years we've all witnessed the radical changes happening in Europe and (although to a smaller extent) the USA. There are entire neighborhoods in almost every major European city that have become purely Islamic!
    I have nothing against immigrants, however I believe that it is NOT OK to continue accepting a group of people who not only don't want to be part of the community which accepts them in, but rather openly try to change that community to fit their culture and beliefs.
    The most obvious example of this is the Sharia in EU movement which has already changed parts of Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin and other mayor cities across the EU.
    Immigration and multiculturalism have made Europe a continent on the brink of civil chaos, a place where people are suffering immensely due to the rise of Islam, and instead of putting a stop to it the governments of Europe are expanding it even further. If we continue like this, there won't be a Europe left in 20 years!!!

  • Of course they should

    I will be very honest.
    (If you are somehow offended by all the "Islamophobia" I sprout, deal with it, I don't really care.)

    Sometimes, I am sick of politically correct people.
    When someone criticizes islam and its values, they immediately go and criticize christianity.

    I mean immigration and the effects of an influx of muslims entering europe is an entirely different thing.

    Just because smoking is bad, does that mean drugs are good???????

    WTF? Bombing abortion clinics? 7 cases in 20 years.
    Muslim terror attacks 17 in two months August-October 2017

    Its very simple. Yes, Christianity is very conservative and can be quite controlling at times, however, it is undeniable that muslims are statistically more likely to commit assault/rape/murder/terror attacks.

    We are right to be wary of muslims. Many muslims nowadays are easily influenced by radical islam. Especially if they have strong religious beliefs. I am not saying that we should kill them or beat them wherever they go. I am saying that we should try to limit the number of muslims in a non-majority muslim country like Germany. We should also make sure that policies regarding welfare and immigration don't favor muslims disproportionately.

    The problem we have are liberal and left wing people who blindly believe that Islam is a "religion of peace" (at least in Europe). We have people who defend crimes committed by muslim migrants, saying we should respect their culture. Shouldn't it be the other way around? If you come into our country, you observe our customs and our traditions! Letting you into Europe is already kind of us. Now you're complaining about the cold the lack of migrant friends. Wow, amazing. Why don't you go back to your own country. I'm sure they will be much more hospitable than us...

  • You are just spreading negative and stupid concerns!

    Each religion has got its own rules and Islam as a religion has its own rules (Shariah). Shariah talks about human rights in detail e.g. child rights, women rights, human rights... And it makes firm families and sweat lives.
    Quran 2:256 says:
    "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing." So Muslims never try to change any society by force.
    I understand your concerns because I my self see how much negative politicizes exist in media and on internet. The rises of ISIS and other radicals who claim they are Muslims make many Christians worried. I suggest you to do academic researches from non bias and original resources of Islam.

  • You can't restrict a religion

    It's islamaphobic to say a certain religion needs to be restrained. Christianity does many bad things in the US (bombing abortion clinics). But we allow them here because we are a tolerable nation. Fox news also claims that there are islamic "no go" zones were non islamic people can't go, but even THEY admited that was a lie

  • What? That is a crazy thought.

    Muslims aren't a security issue! We allow Muslims in the US all the time! We actually have more dangerous christian groups than muslim groups, they blow up abortion clinics, attack other churches, etc. Muslim fear mongering is the fault of the news, I mean FOX has been caught for lying about the muslim community too many times to count! @brandenschirpke117 talked about the "no go zones," French shows made fun of FOX for the idiotic statements by going to the zones and asking people if there was a muslim invasion, most of the people didn't take the question seriously because of how ridiculous it was!

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