Should Europe train mediators and legal experts to help the Roma join wider society?

  • Yes, the Roma should be encouraged.

    While not losing some of their own cultural strengths, the Roma who want to be integrated into European society on a more accepted level will need help to do that. It would be great to have trained mediators who can work in a sensitive way with this population so that they can join the wider society.

  • Roma, Travellers Need to Modernize

    I'm all for maintaining one's traditions in a culture or ethnic group. However, some traditions need to be set aside for the greater good. Such is the case with the Romani people also known as gypsies. Trained mediators and legal experts should help the Roma integrate into European society and modernize. It just makes sense--no one needs to travel anymore as most people in developed countries settle into homes or apartments. The antiquated ideas that caused the Roma to travel in the first place no longer apply.

  • What a waste of time, money and resources.

    Europe, just stop it, already. All this stuff that you keep trying to do to integrate the Romani ("Roma" is a racist term) will not work because they don't want to assimilate. They want their own culture, their own terms. They are not interested in being a part of the Euro blob.

  • Waste of time

    Any measure to deal with the Roma population in Europe has to be grassroots, from the bottom up, on both the side of the Roma and of the larger European community. The Roma are hated by huge portions of the European populace, so how could their assimilation happen any time soon?

  • They are not a social service organization.

    No, Europe should not train mediators and legal experts to help the Roma join wider society, because it is not the European Union's job to provide social services to the wider public. There are various charity organizations that would be better equipped to serve the needs of the Roma. It is a complicated situation, and private services would be more sympathetic to their unique needs.

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