• Think of how stronger we could be!

    If Europe united into one country, we could become a super-power! We already sort of are with the E.U. But I bet the representation of a unified Europe would be more direct therefore more democratic. Each country would be it's own state, but have more control over what happens within them than the states in the u.s. I think if Europe became a country, we could become as powerful if not more powerful than China, Russia, and the U.S.

  • Geopolitics Demand It

    A united Europe is necessary to counterbalance the U.S. and China in today's world. As long as Europe remains divided, it won't have the clout to stand up for itself. That said, A united Europe needs to remain a federal Europe instead of becoming a unitary state. It wouldn't retain the same monarchic model as Austria-Hungary did a century ago.

  • Worked for the US

    The united states did it and they're the strongest nation in the world. The EU as one nation would dwarf their economy and likely, military. Also they are already slowly moving together naturally. The language barrier is already just a fact of life in Europe and not much of a problem as most people there are bilingual, and those who are not will likely be in neighborhoods that don't speak the language as they already have open borders, so anyone that doesn't know the languages wouldn't need to in a united Europe They all have very different histories, but moving together as one is best for all parties in the long run

    Posted by: Salv
  • Only one more step.

    The unification of such nations would only bring established nations closer. Truly think about what the unification of Europe could bring. Also the argument saying that cultures would be disregard is say that one culture would overstep another. A unified people do not have to share the same culture. If it were possible to pass human indifference and surpass the need to discriminate against someone different, then the future of human achievement becomes closer, possibly a reality. For we a race of humans with different cultures and thinking, is it not possible to end the wars?

  • The economic crisis Europe faces at present is a direct result of too much autonomy. Unification will give Europe more influence on the world stage.

    With the European Union it is necessary to either be completely unified, or not unified at all. Giving states autonomy over their economic policies, as we have seen, leads to disaster in a political union. With unification, all states would have the same basic economic policies. At the present, many states such as Greece and France continuously break the EU rules on borrowing and spending, leading to an imbalance in economic prosperity across Europe. In short, Europe can either go all in, or all out.

    Europe attracts a lot of investment due to its relatively wealthy population. In order for Europe to get the best out of negotiating, they need to present themselves as a greater player on the world stage. This can only be achieved through unification. A unified Europe would contain over 400 million people and the world's largest economy, such a state could not be ignored on the world stage. Manufacturers such as China would have to pay special attention to the world's largest economy in trade deals.

  • I think not

    There are already WAY to many unrepresented nationalities (like Basque and Chechnya.) Creating an "European Federation" would turn democratic countries into nations like Russia and Austro-Hungary: to many nationalities, and massive instability would destroy it. Though I think closer ties between European States would help, a one country would not work out.

  • It works for America, not for the EU

    There are so many cultures and languages in the EU-its not the same as America that united through mainly cultures and languages. Each country in the EU has a different language, parliament, monetary system and completely different culture. It would also be bad for the economy-everyone would leave less affluent areas and go to big cities-causing overcrowding.

  • Refuted by Austro-Hungary.

    Well, Austro-Hungary is only one example of what happens when you pack so many ethnic peoples into one nation. There are other examples like the Ottoman Empire's rule over the Balkans. The big issue here is that there are a lot of people from a lot of nations and former nations, and those people wouldn't like Europe being united together.

  • No it shouldnt

    That would be completely detrimental to national security regarding fascism and tyranny. It would be dangerous and the politics would be too set in stone. We would lose liberty and security at the same time - which is usually the opposite of the intent of removing liberties.

    I am pro for monopoly and a singular empire. Butt hat would be moronic. Nothing Good comes from Resurrecting Babylon the gReat

  • That would be bad

    It would be bad for the current super powers, because they would be dethroned. Also how would their U.N. rep work, would they still be sending all of their country reps, or would they send 1 rep for the one country. How would they elect officials, such a large country like that with so many different types of governments a lot of those countries would choose not to join, because maybe they would fear that their thoughts would not be represented. How would the Vatican city work would they part of that massive country. In this hypothetical situation could other continents form their own unions, like would South America be able to form their own countries, or would America Canada, Mexico, and Cuba be able to form a country. This idea is extremely flawed. If they did that mega country would have like all the rebellions.

  • It disregards cultural differences

    If you look at pretty much any stable country, you will see that it is a shared culture that binds them together. A common language, cultural heritage and a national identity are all things that need to be shared throughout a country in order for it to be stable.

    In contrast, Europe contains some of the most diverse countries in the world, given their close proximity. Forcing them together as a single country simply wouldn't work. There are many other problems as well, for example what would the shared language be? Would there be free movement of peoples?

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