• Yes, to an extent.

    They should allow Uber to do business and that should be really the only involvement in a private business. The job creation promises may just be promises because putting more taxis on the road does not automatically mean more passengers {and thus more long-term jobs for drivers} but the government should allow them to operate.

    They are providing a service to people that may get more cars off the road, give people jobs that may not otherwise have one and may be safer than traditional taxis because of the way the payments are done online and customers have to register.

  • They should work together

    They should work together. This is because the world population is growing and some parts of Europe are in a decline economically. Uber will bring a little bit more prosperity to a region that really could use the help. While it is not a full answer for the region's problems, it is a start.

  • Uber is making some pretty big promises but one promise is worth the risk...

    Companies always promise to make thousands of jobs but rarely deliver, but the possibility of reducing 50,000 cars on roadways could a serious change. Vehicles are a major source of air pollution and if Uber can do this, it will align well with the European goal of producing a cleaner continent.

  • If Uber can deliver 50,000 new jobs to EUrope, they should be allowed to work in Europe.

    Europe, like most of the world, has gone through economic hard times over the last several years with associated job losses and poverty rates increasing. Uber, the new personal driving service has promised to bring in 50,000 new jobs to European nations if they are allowed to conduct business on the continent. If this is true, they should be allowed to conduct business to help generate a healthier economy for the European nations.

  • They have better things to do.

    Europe or any other government has no business getting into the fine details of what is essentially a car hire service. Leaving aside Uber's benefits or drawbacks, this is a business that's so highly into the luxury and unessential categories that it's not worth bothering with. Leave it to local governments to deal with the issue.

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