Should European-Americans compensate Native Americans?

  • Depends on which country though

    England, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain (though that can be contested) and France don't owe anything because none of them were the ones go around conquering and starting trouble. I believe Scotland and Denmark and Spain to a certain extent are the ones responsible for what occured, for what they did and owe the natives something.

  • Native Americans Should Be Compensated

    Of course Native Americans should be compensated in some way or form. It should have happened a long time ago. We destroyed their way of living, took their land, and pretty much started over like we were the first ones in America. It is really messed up when you take a second to think about it.

  • Them... And everyone else?

    Every single ethnic group at one time or the other has been ground under the boot of someone else. Doesn't make it right, but most other people have gotten past it, or at least just rise above it and be prosperous anyway. Jewish people have been oppressed all over the world for the last couple of thousands of years. They got Israel (Jewish Reservation?) and have done really well with it. You cannot affect what has happened to you, only how you react to it.
    The darker side no one wants to discuss is this. History has its winners and its losers. The Native American Indian tribes lost to an invading tribe (Europeans). Again, no moral judgement. It is just the way it is. I respect the hell out of the warriors of the Native American tribes for defending their homes but they lost. The Saxons were taken over by the Normans in 1066 after losing at Hastings. The Normans proceeded to treat the native Saxons like crap for several centuries after than. The catch is, the Saxons weren't originally there either! Angles before them, Celts before them. It is called human history/nature. This is just a more recent iteration.

  • Start of a Slippery Slope

    This discussion is akin to the demand for "reparations" by African-American activists which is also flawed. The reason is that throughout history some race or group have always been slaves to another. If taken to a logical conclusion, for example, my German ancestors should be able to bring suit against the Italian government seeking reparations for over 600 years of slavery imposed on them by the Romans. As the direct governmental successors of Rome, the Italian government should be forced to pay. Then, Thracians should be able to sue the Greek and Iranian governments for nearly 1,000 years of brutality as slaves. Koreans should sue both the Chinese and Japanese governments for over 500 years of slavery (a daily double!). And so forth. At one point or another in time, virtually all groups/races gave been slaves to someone. How far would you then take the demand for reparations? Seems to me that this modern incarnation of the sins of slavery have more to do with income redistribution than justice plus, and again, where do you draw the line?
    Which group or groups are to be banned from pursuing justice of this type?
    Which group or groups are encouraged to do so? By whom and for how long?
    Don't misunderstand. The practice of slavery was and is reprehensible. The fact that those people that were brought to this country were captured and pressed info slavery by their own people, just as has been done for thousands of years.
    Arabs did it.
    Africans did it. I
    Greeks did it.
    Romans did it.
    Egyptians did it.
    Carthaginians did it.
    Indians did it.
    Chinese did it.
    Native Americans did it.
    Vikings did it.
    Europeans did it.
    Aztecs did it.
    Mayans did it.
    Goths did it.
    Scots did it.
    Turks did it.
    Irish did it.
    Visigoths did it.
    Gauls did it.
    Britons did it.
    And many, many more...

  • No.

    As the others below me have stated, Native Americans have been, and continue to be compensated. In this day and age if you are a minority in any way, shape, or form, you will get a scholarship. You will get grants. If you're poor (and large amounts of Native Americans are) you get welfare.

  • No - Today's Money Cannot Erase Yesterday's Massacres

    Not many things make me ashamed to be an American - until I remember the peoples that occupied the land before it was America. I do not believe that anyone can form a rational argument in support of the atrocities that European-newly-Americans committed or condoned, because I think that we soften the blow to our own psyches about the genocides that we committed as Americans. However, the victims of those mass murders and rationalized genocides.

  • They've been compensated

    They're continually compensated. Many Native Americans have access to things such as yearly grants and college money. There is no need to give them compensation when the things that happened were over a hundred years ago, even longer in some cases. The country as a whole needs to move on from these things.

  • Past is the past.

    We compensated the Native Americans. That's now the past. It is not fair to others if we nonsensically seek to further compensate one group of people today. Should we not seek to compensate the Japanese Americans for wrongfully locking them away in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor? How about the African Americans who were enslaved for hundreds of years? Or the Irish Americans, they were harshly persecuted in the northeast and no one would higher them? The Jews? Muslims? It goes on and on. Let everyone fend for themselves and stop trying to live off past injustices.

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