• Not simply for safety, these garments are a distortion of freedom.

    I would use the safety argument to banish the idea that these gowns are anything but unacceptable in a free society that is inclusive of those who espouse the values of a society that gives a person the right to be free with certain limitations: we must be able to live with one another. Wearing the burka in public is a non-verbal but clear message; that the woman in question does not like what those people living in a free, open society stand for. I say Yes to this, but we should reach out to our Muslim brothers and sisters in a friendly dialogue first.

  • We Have to Know

    A person wearing a burqa can easily conceal her identity. This allows a woman to obtain a fake drivers license or otherwise perpetuate frauds. Law enforcement has a legitimate reason to want to try to identify people. Terrorists that want to hide their identities can just wear them, as can any criminal. It's a matter of public safety.

  • Definitely it is a safety hazard

    Definitely ban burqas. They are a safety hazard. You need to adapt to the country you live in. It is not the country that needs to adapt to you. If they want to continue wearing it should be see through. No one should be afraid of what someone is wearing under clothes. You could be a man under a burqa and no one would know it.

  • Swaying yes but its close.

    Against burqa: In 'western nations' we do like to see the person beneath the mask when dealing with them. It connects us and develops trust. We have a similar reaction to modern youths wearing hoodies.

    It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with misogyny.

    As the regimes that birthed this kind of cultural modesty demand we cover up when visiting those nations do we not have the right to demand the uncover when they visit nations where the tradition is in opposition.

    Women are people too and should be treated with respect, a full head cover is infantilising, as in women and children don't know what's good for them , us men do.

    For burqa: Choice, is it our right to take that away in a free society.

    If we take away the burqa are we condemning those women to house arrest. Won't the men simple ban them from appearing uncovered.

    With these women covered up I feel more comfortable walking about in my gimp mask.

    So as you see in my head it was a close run thing but removal wins by a neck.

  • Head Garments aren't exclusive to Islam

    It is important to remember that Christian Nuns wear head garments. Banning burqas is discrimination against personal expression, even if that expression is Religious or conservative. The clothing a person wears is not equivalent in any way to the content of a person's character. I implore European countries to have an open mind and have a dialogue instead of legal discrimination.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Women should be aloud to wear burqas because they are expressing their religion. Telling a Muslim women not wear a burqa is just like telling Christian people not to go to church. Telling a Muslim women not to wear burqa is taking away her freedom of religion. There are many different types of clothing that that can hide anything from the naked eye. Some terrorists think that the world looks at the religion of Islam as a disgrace. So if European countries were to ban burqas from Muslim women then the terrorists would react in violence. It is mandatory for Muslim women to wear burqas so they don't show their body to any one other than their family. When people despise Muslim women for wearing burqas because they ASSUME that they have a bomb underneath their burqa. So NO burqas SHOULD NOT BE BANNED FROM EUROPEAN COUNTRIES OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY.

  • Not a chance.

    One of the reasons why we aren't sanctioning western nations is because they allow these kinds of freedom. If you ban the burqa from the viewpoint that it restricts freedom, not only are you falsely associating the clothing with oppression, but you are also infringing on the freedom to wear what you want.

  • There are no legitimate safety reasons

    If the fear is that someone will hide something under a burqa then the same concern can be raised with any clothing. Should we pass a law requiring everyone to be naked?

    If the fear is people concealing their identity a person can do that a lot more effectively and without raising suspicions with makeup, a whig, and a change in wardrobe. Given the climate of fear they would not wear a burqa, since authorities would be more likely to suspect them and detain them for questioning.

  • No, banning burqas would further enflame passions.

    No, the people that carry out acts of terrorism see the world as good vs. evil. They believe that they are the good and everyone else is evil. Banning a form of religious clothing would further their belief of 'The West' as evil and may contribute to a swelling of their ranks by those currently on the fence.

  • Just don't ban it

    Seriously who is it harming? Its religion purely just leave it at that, people say its because of male dominance but its women who purely devote themselves to their god. No one should be robbed of freedom of speech and no one should be told what they can't and can wear just keep it you wouldn't want to be robbed of wearing your catholic cross would you?

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