• Yes because it is disgusting to put the needs of foreigners over ones own people.

    Look at the homeless people or disabled people of some countries that receive no government support. Why should the needs of foreign nationals who hate European values be put above the needs of the people of their own nation? Why also, is it only White, Christian, European countries that are held accountable for these 'refugees'? Why shouldn't Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or even Israel not take these refugees? Many aren't even Syrian and only want to leech of of taxpayer money. Look at the rape and other violent crime that is being committed by these 'Syrian refugees' and ask yourself why we should let in these kind of people. Letting them in will only stir up more hate toward Islam than already exists. Also why are we only reaching out to Syrians and not taking in South African refugees? Nationalism is required to maintain a country's people and values.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • No, because doing that would help further what Isis teaches the young Muslims

    Where Donald Trump stands on banning Muslims is stupid enough. I don't think that stupidity needs to spread over to Europe. Putting tighter laws on Muslims would allow Isis, and other Muslim extremist groups, the ability to use that as another thing to teach hate against the rest of the world. It would also further the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists, which would lead to more discrimination against them. I truly hope laws keeping Muslims from entering any country never show up, or get passed.

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