Should European governments do more to help the Roma adapt to European society?

  • European governments should do more to help the Roma adapt to European society.

    European governments should do more to help the Roma adapt to European society. The Roma people are scattered through Europe and are highly discriminated against. It would be helpful for the Roma people if European governments promoted ideas of tolerance and respect towards the Roma people. This might help stop the persecution that the Roma are subjected to.

  • European governments must help all citizens integrate

    The Roma are a people who have often been discriminated against, most frequently because they do not assimilate into local cultures, and often do not even consider themselves members of the culture in which they live. While this is their right, it does not mean they are doomed to live in poverty. Governments should provide adequate services to ensure the Roma can live their lives at an acceptable standard.

  • They need help to integrate more.

    I think society works best when everyone lives by a common set of rules. I think the Roma have for too long lived by their own rules and rejected the laws and customs of the societies they live in. I think governments should help the Roma to live a more integrated lifestyle, whilst helping them to preserve their culture.

  • Europeans should not do more to help Roma adapt

    It is the plight of the Roma people to adjust to Europe. There are millions of refugees who are displaced from their homelands because of war or political unrest. The Roma people could chose to live somewhere else if they do not believe that European governments do not meet their needs.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that they need to do any thing to try and help them come in to the society there. I think that these people need to be able to go and do it all on there own and not need a lot of help from others.

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