• Euthanasia shouldn't be legalized because

    The first reason why euthanasia should not be legalized is because euthanasia the medical research. It understandable why some people desire to kill themselves. The pain is, sometimes just too much to the point that it is no longer bearable – that you would rather die than to feel it over and over again. But one thing that many people, especially those who support euthanasia, should realize is that there is a cure to illnesses – no matter how worst they are. Even if some of them are not yet discovered, in time, they will become available. Just think about this: Years ago, we didn’t have medicines, such as pain relievers and antibiotics; we also didn’t have instruments and machines to treat patients. But because of advanced research and great desire of our people to prolong life, we were able to discover them. In order to discover more effective medicines and treatments, especially to serious conditions, such as cancer and liver disease, our scientists and inventors should be able to focus more in their studies. If the focus changes from treating the illness to killing the patients, the progress that our researchers is making to alleviate pain as well as their motivation to provide treatment for sick patients will be compromised. Rather than doing their best to search for better solutions, they will be discouraged because they know that a quick and painless solution is already available – which is killing.

    The second reason why euthanasia should not be legalized is because Euthanasia Is Unnecessary As There Are Many Better Alternatives. People believe that when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you only have two choices to choose from – either die slowly in pain or die quickly with euthanasia. Well little do they know that there is another option that sick people can choose – and that is love and competent caring. As mentioned, the greatest fear of those who are diagnosed with disease is not the physical pain, but the fear of being regarded as a burden and abandoned by their families. In addition, suffering people don’t really want to be euthanized.Although it can give them their desired peaceful death, they still don’t really like the idea of going through it. Sometimes, their decision-making is just influenced by their physicians. In a 2001 interview with Dr. Joke Groen-Evers, a Dutch physician and former supporter of euthanasia, she admitted that before, she always brought up the subject of euthanasia when talking with her terminal patients. And according to According to listland.Com she said, 9 times out of 10, her patients would request for it. But when she changed her mind and started to promote good palliative care, she never used the E-word anymore.And the result is no one asks for it anymore! She said that, “…If you mention euthanasia, they will ask for it. If you mention palliative care, then that is what they will choose.”

  • No it shouldn't

    Humankind is designed to feel pain. Some diseases are incurable, and debilitate a patient to such an extent that they cannot function normally, yet still endure agonizing pain. We are also ethical beings, and do not want others to suffer. I guess it depends on whether you would want the option of euthanasia if you were in that position.

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