• It's necessity for today's world.

    Well now a days as we know not every single disease is cure-able. And also for those war prisoners who are injured and belong to other state or country, instead of keeping them alive with food and medicines in hope to keep them alive will cost government. So they should be killed!

  • Dont put religion into this

    Religion should not be a factor of legalising euthanasia. In my eyes, euthanasia is like putting a pet down. If you want him or her to stop suffiering you put them down. Similarly if a loved one of yours is suffering, it would be wrong to prolong the suffering time. Let them die knowing when ithey are going to die. Also it is your right to live or to die. No one owns your life and you should be alowwed to end your life whenever you want. Furthermore, euthanasia can bring oeace to a persons life and their loved ones. No one wants to see someone suffer and it should be your option to end it.

  • We have the right to choose when to die

    We are the only ones that live our lives therefore we are in control of our own lives. Why are some people not given this control when they need it the most? This control can be given back to those people by euthanasia because they have control in when it is they die.

  • If i were a vegetable...

    I would want someone to kill me. I don't want to live a low quality life where I can't walk, talk, communicate, possibly be in pain, or even just not be able to do anything. Keeping vegetables alive are also burdens to other people who still have opportunities to do something with their life. Also money issues. It costs way to much to keep them alive or in a nursing home and if we are all going to die anyway we could use that money for better things.

    Posted by: bbq
  • Not enough fact

    None of this is supported by fact, I told my teacher I was going to do a paper on this, but I needed it facts and sources but this had none of that, I believe that ethuanashia should be legal, but I don't know if I can do a paper on this anymore

  • The freedom to be REQUIRES the freedom to not be.

    Thus while euthanasia or not-euthanasia ought not be forced upon any person against their will as implied by inaction to object to publicly posted default scenarios, or action to request euthanasia in some specific scenario, neither should it be restricted as an option. It doesn't matter that it is a "cop out", merely that it is an informed decision to "not be", and thus within their right to make.

  • Yes

    There are many people who live in pain every day, whether it be from old age or a terminal illness. Assisted suicide and self euthanasia should be a choice that every human should be allowed to make. They can give the death penalty to convicts, So I believe to be able to make the choice to end your own life with or without help should be there for anyone to have.

  • Absolutely!

    People should be allowed to do what they want with their own lives. As long as they are acting on their own volition and can make that decision with their right mind, then no government or religious group should have the right to interfere. the death penalty is legal in thsi country, soshould assissted suicide. Some people live in daily grief or pain. Why not let them end the suffering?

  • Not enough fact

    None of this is supported by fact, I told my teacher I was going to do a paper on this, but I needed it facts and sources but this had none of that, I believe that ethuanashia should be legal, but I don't know if I can do a paper on this anymore

  • Not enough fact

    None of this is supported by fact, I told my teacher I was going to do a paper on this, but I needed it facts and sources but this had none of that, I believe that ethuanashia should be legal, but I don't know if I can do a paper on this anymore

  • No it shouldn't

    Because its up to God when you die, he created you and HE decides when to end you. We are not here to enjoy life and suffering is a test from God, I'm not saying suffering is a good thing... But as it says in the Qur'an 'after every hardship there is ease' so after the suffering there will be ease and a reward and you could get this reward in this life or in the Akhira (life after death)... Always remember that God is watching you 24/7 and you should always be patient and turn to God because as he promised he will always be there....

    Thank you!!:D

  • Giving up because of pain? Too awkward!

    It doesn't matter if the doctor is doing it for you, it is a SUICIDE!
    Who knows after death what's going to happen? What if we are going to hell, what if god hates us because we killed our selves. It might be easy to just inject your self with a drug but the pain is not easy for your family and beloved ones. All the guilt. It is just like you have committed a suicide. What would your family think. Whatever happens to you you should have hope and never give up, no matter how painful you feel.......Never ever give up.

  • There are many other choices

    Even though some one is ill or believes they should die they should live as long as they can. They should have a deep discussion with their family first of all. If they are not able to do certain things or activities they should ask for assistance and not be ashamed of it. It's who they are, what if some one was mentally ill would you just let them just die. We should accept them the way they are! If we accepted those who turn to assisted suicide. Do you not think they would change their mind. I believe honestly and wholeheartedly that Euthanasia should be illegal.

  • Suicide is Wrong!

    It is understandable for one's family or self to feel the need to have the person "check out" because they feel that there is no need for any more pain to go through that person, but there are many consequences that are not being anticipated. For instance, if a patient makes the decision to end his or her life, in any form, then it means that that person has lost all hope in any chance of living or they feel that the life they live is not worth fighting for, which will leave that person's family and friends wondering why he/she was so depressed and hopeless; whether it was his/her current lifestyle or something that they had done . There are many perspectives to this situation which people do not realize until it is too late.

  • Its too much

    In the beginning when faced with the question, everyone looks at all aspects. True ,everyone should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. But I just feel that its just an "easy" way out. Its okay to give up and say I'm ready to die now? Does that even make sense? Everyone has to take into account of what these people are leaving behind. For one their family and in some cases even going against their religion. Nobody knows what lies beyond death. Whose to say that it isn't worse after we die? Even if they're meant to die, it should be when their day comes and not picking and choosing what day is a good for them to die. Its sick. That's basically accepting suicide in any form, and weren't we trying to find ways to stop that? That's just hypocritical.

  • Have we gone mad!!!

    Allowing it will only bring up an environment where people find it normal to end your time when you think that you cannot go in life any longer. Where is the perseverance? Where is the hope and faith in all of those who we love? We were born naturally and freely and we should die naturally and freely!!

  • Because of this those people may die who don't really want to die yet.

    If Euthanasia is part of a law and bees legal then many innocent people will die who are not in too much pain and mostly those people who don't want to end their life yet. By making Euthanasia legal you will be ending a lot of innocent lives. Don't you get it?

  • Over all the pain there's a reason why you're still here...

    Yes I understand that people live with pains that even more than half of us doesn't know how it feels, but why take your life away? God still hasn't called you to his presence and he only know why it is not time for you to leave this world. If you do takeour life away youre going to be resting in peace but what about your loved ones you're going to leave them heart broken. Even through the pain you should learn to smile through it and enjoy your life because your life is something precious and trust me every second you keep having faith and enjoy your life the happier and peaceful you will feel with yourself. Wait till God calls you when he decides its time to leave this world to go to aaabetted place

  • No, how can you help kill someone?

    A lot of society see suicide issues as something terrible and people should have counseling to help them, and euthanasia is basically suicide. However bad someones life is, surely to end your own life is not the way to go. Also the fact that people have assisted death? I find this crazy, how can you end a life of someone you love.

  • There is always hope...

    Finding hope through all the pain might be beyond imaginable at one point. However, there is always chance. There is a reason why you haven't descended from the world. Which come to my point, you have hope. You should have faith in yourself and your loved ones. Think about the consequences. You will descend from the world leaving regret in the hearts of the one you love. There is a reason why you haven't descended from the world yet. There is a reason why the phrase "Never give up" is used often.

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