• Dying with dignity

    Dying in general is a big deal and it affects a lot more people than you think. Everyone is scared of this unexpected event whether it be for the sins hey have committed and they don't want to pay or just because they think about the people they are leaving behind and how they are going to go on without them; but what if you had the choice to choose when, where and how you could die wouldn't that fear of being taken away by your dark mysterious friend (death) vanish. Euthanasia gives you that choice in fact it hands it to you on a silver platter next to the caviar. The choice is what relieves you. Euthanasia should be legal be cause it gives you a choice so that you are not scared and it saves your family and friends from grieving as much plus it gives organs to people who can have Aaron full life with no handicap keeping them from what they love.
    If my mother or grandmother were to be diagnosed with a terminal disease,God forbid, I would respect their choice because I know that dying is a very scary thing especially if you fell like you have more to offer to the world but if they chose to die with dignity I would support them because they are highly respected women and if they want to be remembered as such I will stand behind them.
    More than 28,000 people were saved last year because of organ donations and that mp number could be a lot more if euthanasia was legalized.

  • Human euthanasia should be legalized

    People are suffering in what they believe to be a life they do not want to live but are forced to. I think they should be given the choice to escape their pain. These people are good people who have terrible issues in there life and deserve a way out

  • If it is time, it is time

    If someone is 90 years old, in a coma with no family as it designated in a pre-written statement that they would like the machine to be turned off upon them entering a coma this is euthanasia. I feel that if a person wants to die, they should be allowed to die. If you are 20 years old and have no reason to live and want to die, should you turn to euthanasia? NO, you should get some counseling, if after a grace period of at least one year of counseling and you still feel no hope in life, yes. If you have a mother/father that has in constant pain and much be on drugs to reduce that pain, do you let them suffer for the next 20 years? Or do they have the own choice to end their life?
    I will not support suffering, this is why animals are put down.
    Sorry my dog killed your infant. Do you think that dog should be euthanized? Or go back to the owner?

  • People have the right to choose their death

    It is the right of a terminally ill, mentally sound individual to choose a quicker, less painful death. I've watched 2 family members slowly die from cancer over the course of years. I know that if I were in their situation, and I had a choice, I think it would be the humane choice.

  • In desperate cases

    In cases where the patient is terminally ill and is suffering greatly, than the humane thing to do is to ease his suffering. Obviously, the doctors in charge would need the explicit consent of the patient to perform such thing. In cases where the patient is non-responsive, the evidence of his suffering must be absolutely undeniable and his chances of survival must be non-existent.

  • Palliative care cost

    The cost of keeping someone alive for a couple more months can be upwards of $40,000. This can force families into crippling debt and rip the family apart when the patient may want to end it all. The cost of prescription to end a life is around $45. I'm not saying that all people should consent to euthanasia, but that if they want to die and cannot afford the bills, who in their right mind can make them suffer?

  • Of course it should

    People have the right over their own body. Nothing more should even need to be said. But since this site is forcing me to.... When someone is in serious pain and has an extremely limited time left to begin with, slowly choking on their own blood, stuck in a hospital bed, miserable and unable to even formulate much thought beyond "i'm in so much pain" and they have the option to end it, someone telling them NO, you must continue to deal with this and be maintained by the hospital well beyond your natural limits is a form of torture.

  • Why force pain and suffering on people?

    Say you are dying of lung cancer. Your breathing is restricted and every breath is almost unbearable. You are certain to die. You have 3 days to live. Would you want to exist in horrible pain for the last 72 hours of your life with no reprieve from it? No, you would want it to end as soon as possible. Why should we force people through this if we have the capability to end this pain for them? It is the only humane thing to do.

  • It is called "mercy killing" for a reason.

    Euthanasia is a highly arguable topic that touches nerves in many debaters. It is an ethical issue pulling at the heart strings of many, as much as it is a health issue. Because it allows one to die with dignity, increases the number of vital organs used for transplantation, and saves family members a plethora of suffering and money, euthanasia should be allowed as a means of ending ones life. I understand that it violates some people's religions, however, one must weigh the pros and cons before making his/her final decision.

  • One simple word.....CONSENT!!!

    The main factor I want to touch on is the fact that the patient needs to consent to the euthanasia, for it to be considered moral. I believe, that if a person suffering from an incurable and agonizing terminal illness wants to end his/her own life, then we should support their decision and allow them to. Sure, a cure magically may be found during the period of the diagnosis and the actual death date but, if a person wants to die with some dignity (and they consent to it), then we should LET THEM!! The ludicrous argument that it is the equivalent of legalized murder, is incredibly ignorant. Murder is the non-consensual taking of another person's life, and euthanasia is the consensual ending of a person's life by one individual, in an attempt to preserve some dignity with the patient when they wanted it. IF IT'S CONSENSUAL, THEN IT CAN'T BE AGAINST WHAT THE PERSON WANTED!

  • There is always hope...

    There is not way that euthanasia should be illegal doctors and medicines are getting better and better today. It can get out of hand and people can start to abuse the use of it, just look at what happened with the Nazis in Europe. Most of the time, doctors can give medicines to gradually make people better. Also, surgeries can also occur that can try to help that person. If the person decides to end their life, it will not only effect them, but it will also effect their family and friends. If we let people euthanize freely, who knows what can happen. Euthanasia should stay a last resort option. There is always hope because of advancing medical industries also.

  • No, it is inhumane.

    No, euthanasia should not be legalized, because it is unfair to the victims. No human wants to volunteer to be the victim of euthanasia. This is tantamount to murder, because those selected would prefer to live. Euthanasia cheapens human life by concluding that it is not valuable. It would be a slippery slope, beacuse other people would be deemed unnecessary as well.

  • There are better alternatives

    There is evidence that in countries such as the Netherlands, where euthanasia is prevalent, there is little to no hospice care. This means that these countries are not even trying to ease the suffering of patients before killing them. Another issue is the restriction of painkillers to dying patients. What does it matter if you have an opium addiction on your deathbed to ease your suffering. Furthermore, people are against suicide in teenagers, but seem to think that it is okay in adults. This is a double standard and can appear to the dying that you want them out of your hair, encouraging euthanasia. Euthanasia is a decision that would be made in moments of pain, when your decision making is impaired and therefore is not a good solution.
    Most medical professionals in the United States are against administering euthanasia on the grounds that it directly violates the Hippocratic Oath, compounding the problem. The people who would have to provide it are not willing to do it! Finally, where do you draw the line, a dying patient who requests it, a person unable to reply, but clearly in excruciating pain, a comatose person, who has been fed through tubes for the last three months, a mentally impaired person who can't live a productive life, a newborn with a low chance to live, or a healthy newborn, as some English hospitals have done, just to meet the euthanasia quotas so you can receive your full funding. There is only one way to avoid abuse and gray areas of euthanasia and that is to outlaw it completely

  • Is Euthanasia the real killer?

    Euthanasia shouldn't be allowed in any states. People should be allowed to live the rest of their life because God gave you your own time to die. Who knows? Miracles could come here and there, and another thing, What about the Hippocratic oath? How are they supposed to keep people alive if they are legalizing euthanasia. For example, Say if I were to have 1 month to live, My family would understand that, but they wouldn't just want me to die right away. I want to be able to live the rest of my life to the fullest. Yes, I know that it is not my right to receive a lethal enjection, but killing yourself before time is coming close... Wouldn't it be worth wild to find out before you die to see if it is really true? People make mistakes... We are all human. Ending your life with dignity would be better described as living your life until the very last.🌍

  • No euthanasia shouldn't be legal

    Euthanasia should not be legal because its inhumane, cheapens human life, and is like abortion taking the life of an innocent suicide and euthanasia are both wrong and there is no difference in both cases the person wants to die and this is against the right to life, liberty and happiness though death might bring them happiness i'd rather them to die in peace while holding on and never losing hope and both are wrong on a moral, social, and religious basis.

  • Where to draw the line?

    Euthanasia is inhumane. Even for a terminally ill patient, any degree of life is a life worth living. As for those who are born with mental handicaps, euthanasia should not be permitted either, because they do not have any say in the matter. Why do others get to judge when a person should die? And if euthanasia were to be legalized, who would decide which cases warranted legal euthanasia and which ones didn't? What if a perfectly healthy and sane person wanted to use euthanasia as a painless suicide method? Where do we draw the line?

  • It's an actual slippery slope

    Most people say this should be a thing on behalf of the terminally ill. But where does it stop once you've said it's legal to kill people? Half of my family is Dutch, and the Dutch have been in one scary experiment with this.

    My uncle had a failed surgery, and was told that if a second surgery didn't fix his problem, they would euthanize him, even though he didn't want it.

    I have had two relatives die of significant morphine overdoses while in the hospital being treated for chronic diseases.

    I have had relatives abuse an elderly family member to try to get her to agree to euthanasia so she would stop being a burden on the family.

    All it takes is for 2 doctors to sign off on the need for you to be euthanized.

    You can have your disabled baby euthanized.

    They have actual mobile suicide units that will come to your house and kill you in the event that you can't get the doctor's consent.

    This is the way things *can* go when you start allowing this kind of thing. And as much as i understand that people may want to end their suffering, I think the right to life is much more important than their right to die in the way they want.

  • How do we know the truth behind their decision?

    Some people that choose to die might not necessarily be 100% sure of their decision and are making it under pressure. How do we know that they're not hiding their true feelings towards death? If someone was in a severe situation where they couldn't do normal everyday tasks and wish to die in some way, then we need to think twice before approving of their decision. Maybe they think that they are too much of a hassle or they are too much of a responsibility for their family and friends that are taking care of them. So I think that euthanasia shouldn't be legalised because the situation of the patient could impact their decision and once they're gone, they can't come back.

  • The limits will strech

    The line will be drawn but soon it will be extended. One of the places where it has already extended is Belgium, most of the time when one country starts the rest follow. It is only a matter of time and making the right choices. When it comes to these terms we have to think moral and ethical. If they are accepted in the US then we will all stretch the line. In Belgium it is available to anyone who wants to kill themselves, the hard part about this is that the main solution to pretty much anything is death. If a person commits suicide we cant stop them, but if a person is having mental struggles about weather to do or not have euthanasia we should support them. Many people feel like an outcast in society, we must accept them. Some feel useless, we must help them find a use. Others feel worthless, we must help them find a purpose.

  • It doesn't always work

    1 in 3 people suffer from the after affects of euthanasia such as vomiting, waking back up from the drug induced coma, and fits. This would only make the people feel even worse, after all the other pain that they are in, which is less humane than trying to kill them in the first place.

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