• Euthenasia should be allowed in some situations

    Yes I think euthanasia should be allowed in some situations. It is a peaceful way to put someone to sleep. If the person is facing a terminal illness and they make their own conscious dicision to end their life then they should be allowed to. The best way to do this is euthanasia.

  • Sandy says yes

    People should be able to choose when they die. They shouldn't have to suffer... Wee put animals down when they are dying and in pain. So it should be practiced on humans. In fact since they only practice it on other animals it is not human. In short euthanasia is good for everybody!

  • Yes, it should be practiced

    Euthanasia should be practiced if the right conditions exist. A person shouldn't have to suffer with a disease or illness that is going to kill them eventually anyways. If they are of sound mind and no longer want to deal with what aches them, it is their right to determine they want to go. We should not be allowed to tell them what they can or can not do with their body.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes, euthanasia should be practiced.

    I work in a facility that deals with the elderly and end of life. Daily, I watch people begging to die with debilitating diseases. The degenerative diseases they have, currently, do not have a cure. My patients deserve the right to end the suffering they so desperately crave, while keeping their dignity.

  • Yes euthanasia should be practiced

    It is not the right of the state to try and tell a person that they cannot legally end their lives, much like with attempted suicide the same. If someone wants to die, and a doctor is willing to take care of the process for them, the issue is between them and them alone, and perhaps the family. The government has no business dictating how someone's life ends. So yes I think euthanasia should be allowed to be practiced. It is at the end of the day a patient's choice, a family's choice in some cases, to terminate life, nobody elses'.

  • Yes

    Euthanasia should be practised. There are several reasons for my point of view.
    First of all I believe it's each individuals right to decide whether to live or not. In severe cases where there is no remedy for an illness, or injury, I think it should be the victims choice if they wanted to terminate life.
    This practice would also be cost effective for a society as we could focus our money on patients that have a possibility of recovering.

  • KateIabel379 says No.

    When one says that we should euthanize people because we put our pets to sleep, they are both suffering. This lowers the Human Dignity of mankind to say we are no better than our pets and we can not handle our suffering.
    End of Life Care and the Elderly are not asking to be euthanized or for death. What they really want is for someone to take care of them and care about them. Killing someone is not upholding their dignity because it is down playing yours and theirs.
    The law is there to protect everyone's lives. If we don't do what we can to protect people trying to end their own lives than what will we say we have done with our own at the end of our lives.

  • Don't sign DNR

    The problem is that people have signed DNR's years ago when it only meant no CPR or machines. Now it has been changed to mean that it is okay to withhold food and water and allow death by starvation and dehydration. They are deceived into believing they are being given meds to ease their pain when it is really to weaken them so they don't have the strength to eat or drink or communicate. Then they say they "didn't want anything" or lie and say they couldn't swallow and this is what the patient "wanted". If they gave someone a POA they can't "change their minds" when they realize that they are not getting "comfort care" but being killed. This just happened to my Dad. I know he could swallow because he swallowed each spoonful of water and Ensure that I gave him 3 days before he died. Then my brother had me banned from the nursing home and that's when I realized that his life was being terminated, not made more "comfortable". After that he got nothing and died 3 days later. Now the family is lying and saying he couldn't swallow. (The nurse also lied and said she had to "dig food out of him" after I left because I suffocated him - but all I gave him was liquid. They aren't above falsifying the medical records to protect themselves or someone else. If you are on medicare or medicaid or over 70, be afraid.

  • Never under any circumstances should euthanasia be practiced.

    Nobody has the right to decide who must live and who must die, even if that person is old and would die anyway. We ourselves are alive and are under life. Our lives are also just as fragile as theirs. If we take away their life, even just so to stop them from suffering further, it is like putting ourselves above them, when in fact we are just the same as they are: struggling to survive.

    I don't understand why taking away the lives of people who are too weak and have no hope of surviving is called "mercy killing". It is as if these people have no more use to the society and might as well be disposed of. I think euthanasia is a kind of insult, thinking that a person should give up, or rather, FORCING them to give up in life just because they have no more chance of surviving.

  • No, euthanasia shouldn't be practiced.

    People who suffer might choose to die as a solution to personal crisis, which is not the right decision. Their opinion is too negatively skewed. People make rash decision in response to pain. Technology becomes better every day and a cure for the person's disease might be found within a week. Technological improvement might save that person.

  • No, I do not think euthanasia should be practiced.

    Euthanasia may be necessary on rare occasions, but to regularly practice it is selfish and irresponsible. Some groups such as PETA euthanize over 80 percent of the animals they claim to rescue, after they steal them. This is unnecessary and quite frankly, I consider it evil. Funding for city animal control facilities should be sufficient to house more animals, and give them better dwellings; bad spending practices of the tax payer's money is to blame.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI

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