• Quality of life

    If people are in such a medical state that they want to end it then yes it should be used.

    You can be pro-life and want people to live and have a great life and do everything to make sure that is possible and also understand that when the quality of life is gone because of irreversible never-ending pain and/or illness that it is compassionate to let them go.

    Just because it is allowed does not mean everyone is just going to have it happen to them. Those slippery slope arguments have never shown to be true. Besides this is not about you it is about people that are going through something they should not have to go through.

  • When Consentual, Yes

    No one had a say on whether or not they entered this world, or in what shape and under what circumstances. Our birth is something we have absolutely no control over. Likewise, the process of aging and the ravages of terminal disease are beyond our power to halt or reverse. Human beings should not have to continue living in situations where they have no power over their lives and are existing simply to suffer just to pad the principles of other persons. Giving someone a say on when they leave this world and when they are permitted release from irreversible pain and illness is a decision we all are entitled to, and one that we all deserve in a world where so much else is beyond our ability to control or direct.

  • Euthanasia should be allowed

    1st definition from medical dictionary: The act of putting a person or animal to death painlessly or allowing them to die by withholding medical services, usually because of a painful and incurable disease. Mercy killing is another term for euthanasia.
    Clarification: Millions of people are diagnosed with severe illnesses every day such as cancer, AIDS, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. These diseases have the potential to cause extreme pain. Also, patients with a terminal illness already know that they will die. They are in pain, and are forced into life-prolonging treatments. The delayed life is a future filled with pain and indignity. Life is a beautiful thing full of hope and love, but a terminal illness may change it into agony and worries. Euthanasia is the only way to relieve the pains. For that reason, such patients should be assisted by doctors in order to expedite their death.

  • It is immoral and wrong

    Nobody has the right to take a life besides God. Euthanasia is basically murder but under another term. People may say that it ends a persons suffering but how would you know? You're not that person and also a lot of people are pressured into it by their families and others who are after their inheritance

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MasturDbtor says2014-11-03T03:39:20.937
It's a difficult question. There are circumstances where I wouldn't want to go on living. At the same time what about the possibility of a new scientific breakthrough? The person seeking euthanasia might end their life right before there would've been a breakthrough that could have saved them.