Should euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide be legal?

  • Only if there is no chance of survival.

    I understand that it can easily be classified as suicide however if the patient is not only in extreme and unbearable pain but if there is no chance of survival only then should euthanasia be allowed. If for example a cancer patient going through unbearable pain yet still has a 20% survival rate they should be given the option. But at the end of the day it is the patients choice because who would really want to live on life support or in the hospital bed or being paralysed forever?

  • Free me from thos world

    I am begging to be euthanized as I suffer from dementia as well as severe depression to the point where I cannot function on my own. I'm terrified of interacting with people, leaving my dwelling and don't get the Game of Life. My thoughts and mind are so twisted that I do not fit with the public at large. If only I could get a hold of Pentobarbital, it would make leaving this place that much easier. Please free me from despair in Vernon, BC.

  • Yes it should be legal

    I say it should be legal because the moral debate of it all could easily be handled through regulation. With any procedure there is the possibility of abuse, misuse, and mistakes. In most cases I believe it is safe to say that if someone is seriously suffering the hospitals can either put their misery to an end or they will find someone else to do it, possibly risking their livelelyhood

  • In some cases euthanasia should be allowed

    Yes. When a person is suffering an unbearable pain for a disease that has no cure, then it should be the choice of that person whether or not he or she lives with the pain or dies. The doctor's opinion on the situation should also be taken into account. Some feel that when their quality of life has dropped to certain point there is no need to drag the inevitable on for a couple more breaths of air.

  • Yes but closely monitored

    I do think that physician assisted suicide should be legal. There are people who are dying and in pain and if they choose it is better for them to move on then live through the pain that should be their decision to make. The issue is there are people who make try to take advantage if it is legal, so a closely monitored system needs to be set up.

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

    Yes, physician-assisted suicide should be legal. A person has the right to a dignified and pain-free death if such a death can be offered. Also, there is a difference between surviving and truly living. A terminally ill patient in pain is not truly living. As such, a physician should be able to assist such a person in a dignified and pain-free death

  • Only for Terminally Ill Patients

    Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should be legal, but only in the cases of terminally ill patients who are in a lot of pain. Euthanasia is a procedure of last resort. However, everyone has the right to die with dignity instead of wasting away for years while remaining in excruciating pain.

  • Yes, when deemed medically acceptable

    Some people have medical situations that make it impossible for them to enjoy life, and they aren't going to get better. If somebody is constantly in pain, unable to care for themselves and is just waiting to die, why deny them the right to end the suffering if they request that?

  • It's a Person's choice to make

    If a person's quality of life has become so diminished that they feel the need to commit suicide then that is their choice. If there is a physician out there that is able and willing to help this person to fulfill their final request, then that is a good thing. People should not be forced to live for others.

  • Yes, we should have enough compassion to allow it

    It completely fails me to understand why most of us will not insist that a suffering animal has to stick it out to the very end, but we will insist that a human does. When we consider euthanasia for animals we phrase it in terms of being the responsible and compassionate thing to do and yet we will sit and watch our loved ones suffer instead of allowing them the same alternative. We also give a lot of lip service to quality of life, but when it comes to dying we do not acknowledge that frequently all quality of life is already gone.

  • Against everything; Kills everything

    When you suicide, you are basically killing yourself, others and your creator. Suicide is murder but people think its not just because you're doing it yourself. It may not matter to the person in pain but that's just the hard truth. Why murder when you can resist? There will always be a cure. There will always be sunny days if you just wait........

  • Suicide is murder

    Whether you do it yourself, or ask someone else to do it, suicide is murder and it is a sin against your creator, whether you believe or not. This may not seem compassionate to the dieing person who is in pain, but it is going to hurt a lot longer when your burning in hell for taking the "easy" way out.

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