Should Evangelical Christians proselytize wherever they are legally permitted to do so, just because they can?

  • Part of Faith is Teaching Others

    Evangelical Christians have a right to proselytize. Recruiting others to their faith might seem annoying to some, but is completely within their rights. The history of religion is faith, but also missions and instruction of faith. Groups feel it is their goal to get their word out and bring others into their church.

  • Grow your religion

    In order to make your religion bigger and spread farther, you must use this method. There is nothing wrong with Christians doing this, since they are just trying to spread the word of their beliefs. They are not trying to harm or solicate anyone, just trying to help peoples lives.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Dear Ignorant Christians,

    I know you THINK you have EVERY RIGHT to proselytize since you THINK there SHOULD BE Religious Freedom. But you're doing the ABSOLUTE WRONG THING! You are shoving YOUR religion down people's throats as if you were forcing them to swallow a bitter and dangerously addictive pill that will lead them down a really DARK PATH.

    You will get offended, My dear, Dear Christians, Or not, But at the end of the day, No wise person will break down or fall apart to become LIKE YOU. I'm a Hindu outside of India. My Husband was forced to convert to Christianity but he got bullied by the Church People and Worshippers so he became an Atheist. He used to be a Buddhist. Now, I'm also going to do research how Christianity DAMAGES different faiths and cultures. Listen, Even Jewish people mind their own business, So why can't Christians?

    Religious Freedom means to follow YOUR OWN RELIGION and NOT SHOVE IT DOWN OTHER PEOPLE'S THROATS! Let them practice their OWN FAITHS, Okay? Even if there was proof the Christian God exists, I WILL NOT convert to Christianity. Heaven and Hell exists ON EARTH. Might as well keep practicing Hinduism to keep the worries and problems at bay, And to improve my ways for the better.

  • Proselytizing can be rude.

    If people are interested they will more than likely come to you. There is nothing wrong with being polite and sharing your message, or speaking your mind and using freedom of speech in general. However, you can't force someone into religion and you shouldn't pressure people into it. Manners should be used.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Evangelical Christians should proselytizes wherever they legally can simply because they are permitted to do so. Doing this would more than likely upset people because not everyone wants to be told about the miracles of Christ, nor do they want to forced into hearing about their religion, especially if they already have their own.

  • Invasion of Privacy

    I don't want Christianity shoved down my throat whatsoever. I don't care how legal proselytizing is in America, I have the right to my own private thoughts and freedom from religion, not just freedom of religion. No one needs to convert me to any way of thinking, especially not evangelical Christians. If God wants us to become a Christian, He will show someone the way as opposed to another human being trying to do God's job.

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