• Yes, in libraries.

    Every citizen already has free access to the internet at a local library. If you do not have a local library, you may have to travel a little ways to get to one, however. This question is moot, since it asks if something already available, and not likely to ever go away, should be removed?

  • Yes they should

    I think that every American should have access to free internet access because many kids are now left with school projects and they might need internet so that they can do some research at their house. Also many kids don't own a phone and own an electronic device with a texting app and maybe they are at their house and need to text their parents

  • Yes, every American should have free access to the Internet.

    I think that every American should have free access to the Internet. But I say that with the idea that it should be to a point. I think that every American already has access to the Internet since it's something that can be used by going to one's local library.

  • Yes, they should.

    More than just every American, every person in the world should have access to the internet for free. It's an important resource that's used for many things today. Certain can't even get done without the access to the internet. Some people don't have the money to do internet, this can limit someone from possible job opportunity in the future.

  • No the Internet is not a need.

    The Internet can be very useful, and it can come in handy for many occasions. But we do not need it to live a life. Use your brain sometimes, go to a library or even ask other people. Doing this can help out a lot, plus the Internet can be altered easier than a book or another persons brain.

  • Just go to McDonald's.

    You don't have to buy anything to use it. Businesses already offer it as a perk all over. Just about ANY restaurant offers it for free. But it is a service that costs money to maintain. So are we entitled to it? Only if everyone who runs the internet is obliged to not quit. (They're freemen, they have the right to end the internet by all simultaneously quitting.)

  • Every American should not have free access to the Internet

    It is my opinion that every American should not have free access to the Internet. The current Internet providers would lose most of their business if the Internet were free for all Americans to access, and this would have a far greater negative impact on the economy than would be warranted by access to free services.

  • It is just another utility, and should be paid for.

    No, I do not think people should have free access to the Internet. It is not a basic human right. The Internet is incredibly useful these days, but so is running water, electricity, heating, health care, a car, etc. Few people would argue that these things should be free to everyone, so why should the Internet?

  • It's not a right.

    No, not every American should have free access to the Internet, because the Internet is not a human right. Human rights are those to air, water, and shelter. There is nothing that can be done on the Internet that a person absolutely cannot get by without doing. Some people do not even know how to use the Internet.

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