• Yes, they should. But...

    I wholeheartedly believe that American students should be required to take at least one year -and pass with a B or equivalent grade- of another language. The problem is, most schools don't require it, or don't even offer it until high school. It has been proven that children learn a new language far easier than teens do, therefore I think the mandatory class should be given within the grade-school level, somewhere between first and sixth grades. My middle school required us to choose Spanish or French (I chose Spanish) and I did well...But in high school, I wasn't made to follow up on it, and I had no particular reason to do so (very few Spanish speakers in the area I grew up in), and now I am lucky I can count to eleven. Most European schools require at least one, if not two or more, languages throughout a student's schooling.

  • Sí, es importante que cada persona aprenda un otro idoma.

    Spanish is just one of the many languages that people should take the time and dedication to learn. Of course it is going to be difficult, but the rewards are priceless. It is an advantage in the business world and colleges welcome bilingual students with open arms. Si no usas Google Translate y no sabes español no puedes traducir esta oración.

  • Yes, they should learn additional languages.

    Learning a second language is absolutely beneficial, therefore, I have to agree that every American should learn a second language. It makes you more marketable in getting a job and you're able to communicate with more people. There are all kind of people who come to America and it would be great for more Americans to know another language other than English.

  • Yes every American should learn a second language, if they have the chance to.

    Yes every American should take the time and effort to learn a different language if they have the chance to. The ability to speak a second language is invaluable in both the business world and your personal life. While English is still the primary language for international business, Spanish is fast catching up and is expected to overtake English in the next 10-15 years. Time to learn that second language and get ready for the global marketplace.

  • Yes, every american should learn a second language.

    I think it should be a mandentory subject starting in grade school. It should be taught right along side of regular English. As we grow up, we realize the United States is a melting pot. I always hear people say, "you are in America, speak English." Well, if we are a melting pot, shouldn't we be the ones learning their language?

  • No, it would never happen.

    Most of our population has enough trouble trying to get a basic grip on the English language! So it is impossible to prescribe that a second language be learned even though that would be ideal. It would expand horizons and help our population to function better as part of the global community.

  • Learning a second language could be a real struggle.

    No, I don't believe every American should learn a second language. This could be a real struggle for some people who just do not have an ear for other languages and would add more stress to their lives. If someone wants to learn a second language, they will take that initiative themselves.

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