Should every American teenager be required to serve 2 years in the military after the age of 18?

  • Your Country Needs You

    If we look on television and social media today, all we see are kids disrespecting their elders, kids making drugs, kids wasting time right after they graduate high school. There is a greater percentage of kids not going to college right after they graduate high school either because they don't want to, they cannot afford it, or they want to go into a differnt business, and there are also those kids who just get into trouble and break the law just because they wanted to make money some other way. Well, instead of those kids going out into the world wasting valuable time while others protect their liberties, they should go out there and help defend out constitutionas well. If you are one of those not going to college and making a life for yourself, then join something that will bring pride and honor to yourself and your family.It might help clean your familie's name and you could even make a career out of it. Don't bring that pacifist argument now, because come on YOU LIVE IN AMERICA, the most non-pacifist country in the world. That will never happen.

  • This is not even debatable NO

    Why would teenagers have to be forced into something they do not wanna do? I know damn well that I would not want to serve time in the military after I graduate, not every teenager can take the brute force of the military and the strict officers controlling it. Plus for some teens that would be a death sentence, and would make parents devastated.

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  • Not at all

    If teenagers were to serve in the military and they died in it their parents would be Depressed for sending them to camp and risking their lives when they are only like 18 years old, and they wouldn't have lived that long if they died. Teenagers would have to get used to the training and exercise the military requires you to do. Yeah the country needs it, but if you had a teenager that is at least 18 years old would you send them to the military and risk their lives?

  • They should not

    They shouldn't because some teenagers are responsible enough to handle some of the weapons. Also some teenagers with down syndrome can't serve necessarily because it would be very hard for them. Teenagers also can't focus when they could be on social media or with their families. It would also take longer for them to learn how to use a gun when adults usually already know how to use things like that and some teenagers can't even dive a car so how would they be able to dive a tank or fly a plane or dive a ship. They won't. That's my point.

  • Why should we be forced into something we don't want to do?

    You cannot possibly suggest that we must help out this country. What if we don't want to go into a military field? What if we are pacifists? And what if it contradicts with our religion? Forcing us to do something so extreme is unconstitutional and unfair to the general public.

  • No thank you.

    Unless they are will to pay for my education afterward, why should I be forced to serve in the military. The last thing I want to do is be screamed at by recruiting officers and forced to do physical labor (exercise) with the possibility of going to war. Not everyone would survive such an experience because not everyone is physically or mentally built or prepared to adapt to military tactics and training.

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