• Should everybody play sports

    Yes every kid should play a sport because you need not be the in the house all the time, I myself play sports. I play softball and I encourage you to play a sport because they're fun you make now friends and they'er like family to you this is why kids should play sports.

  • It helps socialising

    Team sports helps young people to gain social skills as they have to learn how to cooperate with others, Trust and repect their teammates and share ideas and feelings. Also, They help them become more outgoing and open and of course make new friends and generally improve their social life.

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  • Its healthy and fun

    I play sports and I'm really fit its fun I'm healthy and its everyone's game i play football and there was a girl on my teem. I asked my family and they said they love to play sports. My father played football in high school, Middle school and he said it was fun.

  • People deserve to have a decision to play sports or not

    Just cause people like sports doesnt mean everyone does. People need to have a chance if they like it then they play it. Sports might not suit the person well. Sure it helps you lose weight but why not go to the gym instead of playing sports? The person might find it more exiting than playing sports all day

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