• Yes yes YES!

    It will be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much better for kids to do stuff.

  • No and yes?

    I believe it is important for a older child to carry a phone on them what with all the dangers of this world nowadays. But no four year old should be given a iphone. I was given a phone at the age of 16. It was just a crappy little AT&T phone. Its irresponsible to give a little child a cell phone, but around the age of 12 or 13 you should probably give them one. Puberty will hit and who know's what your child will do. They could go hang around a town full of druggies or take a walk in a city with two of his/her friends and be stabbed.

  • Contact parents when out

    All kids need a phone to inform parents about the happenings when they are out as in to inform timing changes or any other important messages. It is true that there are telephone booths, friends', teachers' and others' phones but it will be more useful when there is something of your own that you can use anytime. Therefore a child should have a mobile phone.

  • I think they should to stay in touch with others

    They should to stay in touch with others. They also won't bother you about using their parents phone and they won't be bored all the time and download free games. They can download music for free and use YouTube on their phone. They can relax and there is also an alarm clock and you wont need to buy one.

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  • Yup kids should have phones

    If your kids have phones they can contact you better. If you need to tell then something all you need to do is call them.
    A phone is also a sign that you trust them.
    They can also call 911 if they are hurt or if there was a fire or something, so they can become safer.
    Nowadays there are loads of companies that make game-free phones if you are worried about your kids not studying and playing games.

  • Keeping in contact

    My kids both didn't get phones until they turned 12, but before it was very hard to contact them. If they were going off with friends they couldn't text me. It also showed them that i trusted them and helped build our relationship. They knew that if they didn't get good grades i would take it away so they tried harder in school. I think that kids should get a mobile phone.

  • I really agree with every children should have a mobile phone

    As we all know, people in ancient times rarely know the mobile phone. We as the offspring would not want me-too outdated. So, if children have a mobile phone so we can add more to our knowledge of the modern era, and this is where the role of the family, especially the parents to take charge

  • Yup am with every child should have cellphone

    Life is not like before , children get bored more by time , these days everyone wanna go out with their friend and parents are so busy , so they should let them go out and gives them cellphone to be safe and call them to pick up when their finish

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  • Harful radiations and negative impact via smartphone apps

    Mobile phone has totally destroyed our social lives media,sms,chating,all time online, all these has totally changed our normal live
    and harmful radiations from mobile tower to ur ear and those from batteries add fuel to fire
    and this all has negative impact over students they don't know how the day has been spend and come out of sleep in exams

  • Only a basic phone for calls and text.

    I don't believe children of 10 should have i-phones etc but can have a basic phone Smart phones are expensive to buy outright or must be paid monthly. Unless your child is responsible or is contributing to the cost, be prepared for a child to lose their phone or break it. Older children of 16 should have pay as you go only so they appreciate the responsibility.

  • It will be a waste of money!

    Your child may walk to places on their own and that's a passable reason for a mobile phone. If their parents aren't divorced, they don't go anywhere on their own and/or they don't need to be picked up somewhere (where there aren't phones around), then they don't NEED a phone. I personally think that they should be willing to pay for the SIM. If they are only going to use it for games then buy them an iPod touch or a tablet. 8 years of age I think is too young for a phone unless they ACTUALLY need one. If your child would like a phone and they use public transport then they should definitely have a phone. You must also choose what phone they get depending on how mature they are ( you shouldn't be buying them the iPhone 7 when they will probably break or loose it).

    I hope this helps you, 😉.

  • No they do not need

    Cell phones, depending on which kind you get for your children can be expensive to replace.

    2. Cell phones, or at least smart phones can hurt social interaction. Having a smartphone and a messenger certainly makes it easier to communicate with people, but that communication only goes so far. Socializing on a phone is a lot different then socializing in real life. This holds true with not only children, but adults too.

    3. Children are more vulnerable to the "radiation" that is expelled by phones, according to studies done in France and Germany. Small children absorb twice as much radiation as adults do because of their smaller frames.

    4. Not having a cell phone, gives children a chance to prove that they can be trusted without a parent checking in on them. In a worst case scenario, there are always phones around people now a days so it would be fairly easy for a child to get a hold of a parent, even without a cell phone.

    5. Sexting. For those of you who don't know, sexting is defined as sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs via mobile phones. In various studies, including the National Campaign to prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 20% of teens have sent nude or semi-nude photographs of themselves electronically. 39% of teens have sent sexually explicit text messages.

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  • So young to have mobile phones...

    If we give them mobile phones, there innocence will be gone as it has already. Parents don't realise now days that it is the time for their kids to dream, not clicking selfies and chatting on whatsaap. They don't need to be mature before time as the things that they should be knowing in teens are being known before which is totally wrong and takes a child in a wrong direction.

  • For kids it's just a distraction and theirs nothing good about it

    In school you could cheat in a test and it is obvious the teacher won't get to know most of the time.Its really a big distraction because kids would play games on their phone.Its not good for their eye site .And kids will eventually be caught in a cyber trap.If kid are crossing the road and they pick up the phone and stop walking and start talking they will get killed so it is also dangerous.😋

  • Sexting is a big problem

    Sexting happens more than you think. The circulating of nude and explicit photos is a much more regular occurrence then most parents realize. According to Cosmo Girl, 22% of teenage girls and 20% of teenage boys have sent nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves over the Internet or from their cell phone. Once that photo is out there it can be posted to a social website or sent to every cell phone in the school. Sexting can lead to a reputation being ruined forever.

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