• Guns for Self defense

    We are living in the modern world, people. The police can't protect everyone anymore. They are not there to help you when you are in trouble. It's your job and your responsibility to defend yourself, your property and your family. A gun will be your only chance in an "death situation".
    You just have to learn that you are the only one to "save" you.

  • I totally agree

    So I think if a citizen with no criminal background and with an age of 18+ wants to have a gun he should do a gun-test and get a gun. I read many articles about guns and how they are used. In the articles experts said, that guns are mostly used for self-defense. Also they said that in 90% of the self-defense cases people only point guns at the murderer/attacker/thief and he would escape!

  • Every citizen should be allowed a gun

    So I think that if somebody with no criminal background wants to have a gun he/she should do a gun-test and then be allowed to have a gun. Statistics say that guns are mostly used for self-defense. And what would you do if a murderer came to your house and has a knife or something with him? The police takes about 8 minutes 30 seconds to get to you. MUCH TOO LONG! And in 90% of the self-defense cases the people only have to point the gun at at the murderer/attacker/thief and he will go away. Also if there are special laws for the guns every thing will be safe. And if citizens had no guns the rate of criminality would rise because the citizens could not defend themselves.

  • I disagree with this

    Only police people with swat use guns, not citizens, not criminals either. Guns shall be banned in this country. What if mexico were to be safe? What if you petition to ban the guns to citizens? Who wants a gun? Nobody wants to be shot. Millions of people die from murder.

  • You don't know what a person will do

    You can give a person a weapon you don't really know what they will do. Even if they don't have a criminal background all it takes is one event to make the person snap, and now he has a weapon. You can do tests on a person but they will not always be successful and if you accidentally give a weapon whose not completely mentally sound it could end poorly. Also it says every citizen, doesn't say anything about past criminal records or mental soundness. It just says every citizen.

  • Instead of protecting the society, it would cause serious problems.

    No, they shouldn't. Why I say 'not'? Every citizen should not be allowed to use a gun, because it must be given to those ones who know how to use it and have a function of protecting our country. To ensure a society safety it's not need to give gun to each citizen, it's necessary to have people able to ensure the safety, I'm referring about police and soldiers, they are the right citizens to handle it.

  • Piece of peace

    The quality of life in a nation depends upon the integrity between people. On one side, we have annilihating human animals and on the other, the innocent chunk of people totally submissed, supressed and subvert. Gun isn't a sign of power, but a sign of threat, insecurity and violence. Violence manifests already in the nation due to difference of opinions entailed from different views, wants and perspectives. Why to add fuel to fire? As such, reading the news paper is really scary as every part of the city apart from my house is being bombed. Dearh of values, dearth of empathy and dearth of human values is already provoking the nation every way, every where and every time. Liberty has already been abused to a large extent. And hereby, legalizing the use of guns would just be an another excuse to violence.

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