• Everyone should do it at least once.

    As an American, I do believe that every single citizen should be mandated to participate in jury duty at least once. While some might resent it, I think most people with a brain would find how the legal system works at least a little interesting. Also, you can then lord it over other people that you did your civic duty.

  • Yes, it's part of the process of citizenship

    Jury duty isn't fun, but it is important. It's important for everyday people to see how the civil or criminal justice system operates and to take part in that process. A jury of one's peers means just that. So every citizen who is in the eligible age range should be in the jury lottery and should appear for jury duty if called.

  • We're not asking much.

    Yes, every citizen should be mandated to participate in jury duty, because it is important that we decide each other's criminal matters, and not the government. Our government does not ask much of its citizens. We do not have a draft or mandatory public service. The least we can do is spend a day on a jury once every few years.

  • You should volunteer not be forced

    When I was forced to do jury duty it just interfeared with my scheduele. I thnk that when we choose to volunteer for jury duty it is more entertaining and more fun. When people force you to do this how much would you like it? If it was me I'd just stay with my scheduele and see is I have time or not. Thank You!

  • No force us

    Try using Skype or webcam? Then we would love to see the jury or the trial. Don't threaten to warrant for my arrest! That's bullshit.. I have kids to watch and I am agoraphobic..We are not criminals. Try going after the real criminals the molest children. We need options. Not threats

  • Civic duty with a threat

    Having the threat of arrest hanging over our head if we don't do it won't make ANYONE want to sit on a jury. Compensation is crap, and people justify sitting on a jury and missing out on a FULL day's wage for what, $12 -20 a day?! After paying for parking, gas (if applicable) and lunch, YOU end up paying to be on jury duty. Not worth it to me.

    I also agree with many above: most don't fully understand the legal system and what is expected. Jury duty should be something people could be certified in. I've got legal training (paralegal) and could NOT careless to sit through a trial.

    There are MANY out there who'd LOVE to sit on a jury. Let THEM do it. Civic duty my butt. Makes me RESENT being summoned and FORCED.

  • Objectivity is trained for; subjectivity is not. It should be a full-time job for educated, well-informed citizens of the world.

    Personality and empathy aside, the average American is not sufficiently educated to effectively perform jury duty activities. One then may ponder: What does it mean to be "educated"? People who "live in a box" their entire lives do not have enough worldly understanding to be judging others. Education goes beyond the ability to logically come to a conclusion based on evidence presented to you.

    Also: Being completely objective is impossible as subjectivity always rears its ugly head in the human condition. Jurors should be trained to learn how to be as objective as possible - a process that doesn't happen over night.

    In light of what was said above, most American citizens are most unqualified.

  • What if someone doesn't support the justice system or case in itself? Why not have a court house close enough to us? Walking distance

    Or what if the person has to keep sending an excuse, only to be forced later on? What if they don't accept the excuse anyways? What if you don't have a job and can't pay for gas to get there? Why not have someone familiar with Law be paid part time for doing it instead?

  • Some citizens are uneducated

    No, some citizens should not be required to participate in jury duty. Jury duty is a very serious task, and a correct and fair judgement needs to be made. Because of this, the jury needs to be made up of citizens that are well educated, not racist, and can make a good decision.

  • Current System Works

    I do not believe every citizen should be mandated to participate in jury duty because the current system works sufficiently. I don't see a reason to change a system that works fine. As of right now, those registered to vote can be called for jury duty and for the most part it doesn't happen very often.

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