• Yes, citizens should partake in national service.

    I think that every citizen in the USA should have to participate in some kind of national service. It is only right that if a citizen is able to take advantage of the benefits of being an American, he or she should return the favor by partaking in some type of national service.

  • Build infrastructure, build pride

    By compelling participation in some sort of national service, the US government can foster development of crucial infrastructure while providing a means for young people to learn the value of hard work while fostering pride in their work product. By experiencing firsthand the levels of hard work that go into building infrastructure, young Americans can place personal value in the services they use.

  • It makes sense, But only under some circumstances

    Great idea! But, There are some important conditions for this:
    1) Most countries would only consider military service. The program should instead include charity work, Infrastructure work or something more useful to the people, Not just the government
    2) Both genders should have the obligation and same number of jobs to choose from. That way, It wouldn't be so involuntary
    3) People mustn't be exploited for profit. Companies shouldn't be given any benefits or money from a civil service
    4) Everyone MUST be paid to sustain his/her household, As well as given FULL healthcare, Because healthcare is a basic human right.
    5) If one is employed at the time of the draft, He/she MUST be guaranteed retention of the job after the service is over. The employer does not need to pay the person (because the government should take care of that), But one, By law, Mustn't be fired during the service.

  • Yes, every citizen has a responsibility to partake in national service

    Yes, every citizen should have to partake in some sort of national service. It is the duty and responsibility of all citizens to serve their nation, outside their own self-interests, in some capacity. Whether it be required military service, volunteer work in their community helping the sick or poor or providing some other service for the greater good. A nation is only as strong as its citizens.

  • That is slavery.

    No, every citizen should not have to partake in some kind of national service, because that would make us slaves to the government. A person does not owe something to the government just because they are living and breathing. We should be able to make our own choices in life. They can have a hired military if they need one.

  • No, they should not

    I think times have changed, the budget doesn't allow us to do these kinds of things. If it was a hundred years ago, I would say something different. It costs money for these kinds of services, and unless there was a private sector that paid for this kind of thing, I would say no.

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