• More classrooms should have pets

    If more classrooms had pets then students would be more interested into going to class. Teachers could also makes pets as like a reward for the class. When you act good you get to pet it or if you finish you work. I think pets are a good way to motivate students, Energize students, And make them more happy.

  • Yes they Should.

    First off it will help the students engage more and learn more about animals in a fun way that they would be excited about. Also it would teach the kids responsibility and how to take care of certain pets. But if they were going to do it, They have have to get more than one of the animal depending on the type so that they don't get lonely and depressed and kill themselves.

  • Because there cool

    I want a dog but mom won't let me so im making my teacher get our class one. Ill be really sad if i don't get a dog and then i will be sad and lonely forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Plus ever. Help

  • It helps students engage

    Every day they can sit next to their pet and do some work. They can also learn some responsibility and respect care for the pet and learning to be gentle and respectful around the pet so they can keep the pet safe and teach the children more graetful and fun care

  • Class pets don't have much of a purpose.

    I would argue that they not only have no significance in engagement, But they also may distract the students. Also, What is the purpose of a class pet? Knowing students and their maturity, The pet would be lying dead within a week. It's an unecessary chore. If a student wants a pet, They can buy one of their own.

  • It's a burden

    Class is a place where students study and nowadays the syllabuses are tough for them. They need to focus on their study and complete lots of task and projects given by the teachers. However, If u add the little cute dependent and innocent pets to the class, Students are required to tackle the pets' daily life(buying food, Cleaning their excreta, Medical check up blah blah. . . ). Giving more stress to the students may kill them once they can't juggle these tasks. They may grow unhealthy in mental, Lose their health and more serious is to commit suicide.

  • They would get distracted.

    Class pets make noise and they can get a lot of students distracted. The kids might just start day dreaming and this can affect their education. A lot of class pets can spread diseases or germs. A lot of animals can spread diseases like lice, Dogs, Rats e. T. C. This my reason. I am MYSTERY GIRL.

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